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Mark My Roots

A U.S.-based bath & body-product company turned to Blendlogic in its bid to grow. In one week, we turned an Etsy page into a fully-functioning e-commerce site with operations in Europe.

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WHAT IS SEO AND HOW IT WORKS – 25K+ Monthly Visitors!!!

You would feel like this too if you had over 25K visits on your site/blog per month! Lets take a look how. What's going on guys, Alan here from Blendlogic with another article right up to help explain the crucial question:  WHAT IS SEO AND HOW IT WORKS *wink if you...

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Keys to Success – Simon Sinek

Breaking down Simon Sinek Keys to Success - THIS GUY ROCKS Whats up Blendlogic Family. I hope you guys are on your path to success. One thing that I always mention in my Facebook Group Live Calls is that you have to implement the mindset and work ethic of successful...

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How To Install WordPress in cpanel

Your guide to getting your Blog up and running in no time. Welcome fellow freedom fighters and digital marketing #ballers. This article will guide you on how to get started blogging in seconds with a tutorial on how to install Wordpress in cPanel. Every hosting...

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Work Smarter not Harder – STOP MAKING THESE MISTAKES

Shortcut your way to success with these swipe files directly from Blendlogic Designs. THE SAME STRATEGIES OUR CLIENTS USE TO SELL $5K IN PROGRAMS!!! Current mood on a rainy day in Monday. Chillin in a comfy onesie just  writing this article after just launching my...

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How I get paid listening to Tim Ferriss’ podcasts

Our review of the latest Podcast with Tim Ferriss and Seth Godin. For my guy David Nurse!! Enjoy the insights What's up guys, to continually capitalize on explaining the concept of the opportunity that I am building for myself, I wanted to write this article...

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What is a VSL – Complete Analysis of ILB Squeeze Page

Learn the ins and outs of What is a VSL and get ready to build it together! Whats up guys, hope you are excited in what I am about to share with you. I have found the best way to illustrate how one should be building their business is to be modeling and breaking down...

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I Love Basketball Squeeze Page Breakdown

Learn the ins and outs and best practices for your Sales Pages. Follow this breakdown closely and you can see up to 30% increase in conversions ($$$$) In this article, we are going to break down Coach Rocky's Sales Pages that he is currently running for the digital...

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What is a Sales Funnel Part II – ILoveBasketballTV

What is a Sales Funnel? A #FunnelHacker look at ILoveBasketballTV's model What is a Sales Funnel? Curious how the top businesses and brands utilize systems and automation to grow their business and attract more clients. More than likely, most of these businesses are...

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