Kartra Review – How to Create A Course Online

Kartra Review – Making a Membership Site

This article will specifically cover the membership portal functionality of Kartra. The above video goes through how I built out the beginning stages of the digital course for my client Drew Lasker. Specifically, what I want to build is a All in One Kartra Review for users to see the full capabilities of Kartra. Our team will continue providing articles on various features of Kartra and create a new blog article which features all the content.

Specifically for the rest of the article, I want to show you guys how you can setup your course with Kartra and give you ideas how it compares with ClickFunnels or WordPress + Learndash combo. Stay tuned on this site for other blog articles about Kartra for a full Kartra Review

Setting up the Membership Site – Kartra Review Step 1

Kartra has a plethora of type of services to offer. The one that this Kartra Review will focus on is the Membership functionality.

Kartra Review - My Membership

You can see the Membership choices on the left hand side with My Membership link.

The Membership functionalities are split into 3 hierarchies – Memberships(courses) – Portals – and Files.

First we will cover making your own Membership.

Kartra Review Step 2 – Creating Memberships

On the right, there is a big green arrow that states + Membership. Click that and you will have to name the course you want to start. You can always rename this later

After you create the membership, you will be sent to Kartra’s GUI (Graphical User Interface) which is pretty much the same for all types of sites. From here it will walk you through all the options to make the membership site. I go into more detail over each setting, but for this article, I will cover the important steps.

Builder – Kartra Review

This is where the layout of your site, and content will be created. Inside is its own interface where you can

Categories are where you will set the groups of the content. Each category will have a group of posts which will cover the category you are making. For this example – we could setup a category of Week 1, then use posts to put the days of the week which cover a specific example. To add new posts, a new Post category will appear you can drag that onto the right-hand builder.

Kartra Review Conclusion

I hope you liked this guide on how to setup your membership site through Kartra. I am planning on adding more posts for a full-fledged Kartra review. Overall, Kartra serves as a one-stop shop for all things you would need for Checkout, product hosting and tracking software. The ability to also host private membership sites for your clients are self-are amazing and warrant the monthly price. Compared with ClickFunnels . – it definitely outcompetes for the price point. To accomplish the same amount you would need to pay for the actionetics suite. (Though ClickFunnels does beat out Kartra in terms of simple straight forward layout for setting up your first funnels)

Hope you enjoyed this Kartra Review! Leave some comments on what yo uwould like to learn about the software.


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