What is a VSL and when and why to use one?

What is a VSL?

A common question I get from my new clients is What is a VSL???? 

VSL stands for Video Sales Letter. It is essentially leveraging video to create a sales focused video to pitch an offer to your prospective client.  It has become the go-to in digital marketing, as they have become very effective in converting traffic (usually warm traffic)

You can usually find a VSL on a Landing Page or Squeeze Page. These pages have the soul purpose of converting the traffic into the desired outcome (Typically the CTA – Call to Action) Typically, landing page has a Headline, Sub-Headline and Video Sales Letter which is meant to inform the users of exactly what to expect when they hit the CTA.

You can view a VSL I created here on this page.

Facebook Implementation Guide

Why you want to use VSLs?

One of the main reasons you want to focus on creating VSLs is because the sub-communication that is communicated through video. When you leverage video, you have the potential to showcase and leverage imagery to help build the buying temperature of the audience. Combined with Squeeze Pages – you are able to clarify the buy process and build trust and relationship with your audiences.

Using a Squeeze Page and VSL

If you are not already using Squeeze Pages, I recommend reading research on why you would want to use one! (I am working on the article still) To quickly sum up why you should consider using one the answer is this simple – when you give your traffic multiple options – it can make them take unwanted actions (click out of page, not give email etc) When you limit their choices down to one, you can isolate variables and guide your traffic to one specific action.

When you add a VSL to a Squeeze Page, there are only a few actions a user can take.

  1. Watch the video
  2. Read the copy
  3. Opt-in (Email, Sales, etc)

To simplify why you want to use VSLs for your business (in combination with Squeeze Pages) is that it gives you an opportunity to build rapport with the viewer. By leveraging more senses (Vision, Audio) instead of just relying on one – (Vision if using copy) you can better communicate and relate to your audience. Just as they say a picture is worth 1000 words a video is worth millions!

Personal Recommendations – Just Share!

One of the best advice that has helped me that I would like to share with you when getting on video is to just share!!! When you come from a Sharing mindset, instead of a sales frame or an authority frame, you are just sharing something that has helped you that you are positive will help other people as well. When you keep that in mind, it becomes easier to overcome adversity – whether it’s internet trolls or constructive feedback – it is all for the purpose of HELPING PEOPLE!. At the end of the day, if you keep that in mind, no one can truly knock on you for trying! Keep that in mind, you are trying to have positive impact on people and share an experience that has helped you!

If you are using VSL for your own product, you have to believe in it and make an awesome product! Part of that having customer feedback or testimonials of what they thought of the program and giving honest videos about what is inside your product or what it can do! One of the biggest things that stop sales people is when you don’t believe in your product. If you are selling your own product and don’t believe in it.. then MAKE IT BETTER! Don’t worry so much on what is a VSL or when to leverage it, but just focus on constant improvement!


At the end of the day, I always state that I give advice on what is working for me (and my clients). The best approach is to add more tools to the toolshed and practice the results!

One of my favorite quotes from Chris Smith of The Conversion Code

The conversion code works if you put in the work

So put in the work and test these out for your own campaigns!

So next time you or your client asks What is a VSL? You shoudl now be able to answer them!!!! If not show them this page!





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