$999 M2 MacBook Air 15 2024 – Laptop deal to get TODAY

M2 MacBook Air 2024 Review – $300 off – The best deal to get for the MacBook Air


My main suggestions

Welcome to the first 2024 blog/video for Blendlogic. We are going to take things in a different direction moving forward and perhaps link more to my personal blog – alannafa.com . What I am to convey are the reasons why I purchased the $999 15 inch MacBook Air deal and why I think you should strongly consider it as your primary driver and device.

For some background on my decision – I have tested out most M1/M2/M3 MacBooks and for Youtube it has always been the gaming performance. You can see in my previous blog posts. However, in 2024 I decided to move toward more productivity – growing my channel, growing my personal channel and growing another AI channel – and with that and breaking habits/addiction of Video Games – comes the need to move away from a device that can game. So take that in mind when watching the video or reading this insert moving forward.

With that said at $999 – this device is cheaper than the M2 MBA 13 inch but still more expensive than the $749 M1 MacBook Air. Coming from testing previously the 13 inch MacBook Airs and the 14 and 16 inch M1 Pros – I thought I would ultimately get the M1 Pro – which you could get at Microcenter for around $1200 – and may be the better “TECH” deal for most people. However I felt that again, trying to NOT GAME – sticking with an AIR would force my hand on it being a strictly productivity device.

Now if we compare to windows laptops – there was the AMD 7840HS ROG FLOW at 13 inch that I tested which was pretty good, but I returned that from the idea that it didn’t play games long enough. Now in 2024 with this new goal – perhaps I would have kept it but still there were some configuration things and sleep issues that impact all Windows Laptops that again influenced my purchase decision. Lastly there are new Meteor Lake laptops that are coming out that seem to have good Battery Performance and perhaps may be the better buy for people overall but those get up to $1300 and the $999 ACER flow could be a strong competitor.

Ultimately it comes down to preference and what my GOALS are for what I want to accomplish is increase some revenues streams — aka Youtube – and my work flow is iPhone recording to editing – and the AirDrop functionality of recording works perfectly for my needs – along with the lack of fans and this entire video was recording off the internal mic was impressive as well. ┬áJust some additional thoughts as I already recorded the video and don’t feel like re-recording these points


Microcenter 14 inch Refurbisehd M1 Pro — https://www.microcenter.com/product/675889/apple-macbook-pro-mkgp3ll-a-(late-2021)-142-laptop-computer-(refurbished)-space-gray



Video Highlights

These wer created with AI – and I’ll be talking about my goals and AI helping them on my personal blog and YouTube channel. Be sure to check it out and subscribe! Personal YouTube Link


All-Day Battery Life:

One of the standout features of this MacBook is its exceptional battery life. Users can enjoy extended usage without worrying about frequent recharging. The laptop performs equally well whether it is plugged in or running on battery power, making it a reliable companion for long work sessions or travel.

Enhanced Productivity:

While this MacBook may not be suitable for gaming enthusiasts, it excels in productivity tasks. The laptop’s performance on video conferencing platforms like Teams and Zoom is commendable, with smooth screen sharing and minimal lag. The absence of fans ensures a distraction-free work environment, and the built-in microphone delivers excellent audio quality.

Value for Money:

Priced at $999, this MacBook offers excellent value for money. Its large screen real estate and impressive performance make it a worthy investment for those seeking a reliable work laptop. The author compares it to other laptops in the same price range, highlighting the MacBook’s superior battery life and productivity features. Comparison with Other Brands: The author briefly touches upon the comparison with other laptop brands, such as AMD and Intel. While AMD laptops may require some tweaking to optimize performance, Intel laptops have been criticized for their throttling issues. The MacBook, on the other hand, offers a hassle-free experience with consistent performance and minimal configuration requirements.

M2 MacBook Air Conclusion:

In conclusion, this MacBook model stands out as an ideal choice for individuals prioritizing productivity over gaming. Its all-day battery life, enhanced productivity features, and excellent value for money make it a top contender in the market. Whether you are a remote worker, student, or professional, this MacBook offers a reliable and efficient computing experience.

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