Always Be CLOSING – Casey Neistat Keys to Success Vol 1

Casey Neistat - Always Be Closing - Keys to Success Vol 1

From the mind of Casey Neistat…. #KeysToSuccess

Looking for inspiration or motivation to take your life to the next level? Here is my take on one of the hardest workers in the Youtube Game. Casey Neistat

A quick bio of Casey:

The series first started out as an idea. A simple idea that that helped shaped me and the business I grew today. That everyone at the top didn’t just land there. They DID SOMETHING. They worked on their craft. They kept on getting better until they “made it” (in the eyes of society)

My aims is to bring you the viewer on a journey of success. To see that there are no crutches or limitations but the ones you hold in your mind. Once you learn enough about how the Digital Marketing game works, then you can stop relying on others and start working on your craft.

The first Keys to Success started as just an idea. I recorded something I thought was good content. Tom Brady’s Tom vs Time. I just turned on the camera, and watched the content and gave feedback. That formula has been used time and time again (reaction videos), but it worked out for me. Over 50K views in a year.

With that one little thing, I am now breaking down all of my muses. The hit’s aren’t the same, and there is an analysis of why that series has views (SEO, Artificial Advantage – aka Youtube bans other videos with the title Tom Vs Time… they left mind for some reason I cannot comment on)

So, lets take a look at my take on Casey’s Keys to Success and my video that was inspired by Casey on what you guys can be doing for your content.

Casey Neistat’s 🔑 to the kingdom  – 10 Keys to Success

The video:

🔑🔑🔑The KEYS 🔑🔑🔑 – According to Casey Neistat

1. Always be Closing

So good I had to put it at the top. If you haven’t watched Glengarry Glen Ross Boss then you need to check out that movie NOW

There is one simple fact in life. You are always selling. Your resume that you are giving to that new employee. That date you are on. This very article that you are reading.

There will never be a time in your life where someone isn’t trying to push an agenda, no matter how nobel or bad it seems, there is always something. At the base level, it seems so crazy, that all interaction is just a value exchange (and its not) – but just always know that most people in the game are trying to accomplish something (Like that SMART TV they pushing you)

The best way to protect yoself is to just learn simple marketing and influence. Once you see how it’s done by companies, you can either build your own company and do it right, or you can just be aware of it and be more choosy on what products actually give you VALUE.



2. Focus

This is the book I was referring to:

Click it, buy it, listen to it. Thank me later

Casey Neistat referred to another book. I haven’t read it. But its this book right here – > Essentialism 

3. Pave Your Own Path

I like to think about it like being a trailblazer. Sometimes, as you progress in life, you just have a yearning to do something that has never been done before. Chase that feeling.

It won’t be easy. It could be challenging sometimes. But at least you were the only one to do it. Some people don’t realize the value in that.

I’m sure Casey Neistat would be proud that you at least went for it. That’s all we can really hope for. Just do it because you HAD FEAR, but decided to go for it anyways. Live life on your own accord (not Honda Accords)

4. Do what you cant

There will always be people telling you what you CAN and cannot do. I like to persuade you to realize that you can. Fuck all the hater. I’ll be living proof that you can do what you want and still survive.

Shit, I’ve been “surving” pretty fine on my travels when people said you cant start a Youtube Channel, or make my digital marketing company be on helping motivate people as well. The energy of “Proving them wrong” can get you far. Won’t get you all the way there, but its a good start.

5. Find the Time


I told you guys there is a pattern of success if you just look for it. Once you start realizing that EVERYONE goes through the same struggle and they ALL say the same thing… shiiii you don’t have to read any more books.

Another KEYS to Success that you should watch >>> Arnold on Making Time <<< that links to the video of Arnold saying it

6. Show up Everyday

Every day is another chance to turn it all around. If you are feeling like you are just going through the motions… then you ARE! Do something that lets you execute your free will.

Take a cold shower, yell in the streets, lie down on the side walk. Do  SOMETHING.

Of all those examples – i’ve already done them. Then when I ask my clients/friends to do something similar – JUST FOR THE EXERCISE of realizing that you could literally do anything you want, most people say NO. TOO EMBARASSING. TOO RISKY!?!?!?

I’m just saying. This is the mindset that helped me. I hope it helps you

7. Don’t do it for the money

Its risky business, but you gotta do it. Let your passions drive you to write that next SEO article. Make that next video. Learn about the MASSIVE oportunity that people are executing on.

If you don’t think you are good at being a content producer – then GET BETTER. When you stop doing things for the money but because you believe in  PRODUCT QUALITY the whole game changes.

8. Destroy the Little Man

3 words – Fuck the haters

9. Leave your Comfort Zone

I think that BOREDOM comes from a lack of building your KINGDOM. It’s fun when you are building your own castle. Stop looking for ways to get out of the mindset that you won’t have to. You sleep in the bed you made.

Again, nothing is stopping you.

10. DO MORE!!!

If my articles/writeup seem short in this one – its 01/14/2019 at 1:35 pm, and I have been sick for a couple days. You can follow me on Insta. I’m just a guy trying to do whats right and sharing the info/knowledge that I learned by investing in myself and others. Thats it. Yes I am currently sick. But I believe that I can make content and at least try to make a difference today (instead of just sitting around “recovering)

Take a look behind the curtain – Insights Casey Neistats Keys to Success

Pull back the curtains yourself and have a look. There is no OZ. There is no MAGIC. It’s just straight working, getting better so you can GET BUCKETS. If you don’t like my basketball references all the time, you probably won’t like the rest of my content



If you are feeling it, then get off the bench and into the games



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