Apple Universal Control – How to Setup

Apple Universal Control

This article and accompanying video will give you our thoughts on Apple Universal Control, how to setup and best realistic use case on how to use it.

What is Apple Universal Control

Apple Universal Controol
Share one keyboard and mouse between Apple Devices

Apple has just realized new software for MacOS and iOS that lets you share one keyboard and mouse across devices. What this means practically, is that you can have your iPad next to your Macbook and use your Macbook to do things on your iPad.

Now from my tests, I have found that the best uses for this is to have messaging apps on your iPad such as Facebook Messenger or iMessages so that you can stay up to date on your text messages. I find it weird to have anything else up – because otherwise you might as use SideCar and extend your desktop from your iPad.

One problem I have with Universal Control, is if I want to play media natively – Like Twitch or YouTube – the sound still comes from the iPad, as supposed to routing through my Macbook – especially if I have headphones on. That is a glaring use case issue in the practicality of using this setup. Otherwise – I am better off using SideCar, and just having the media on the iPad and the sound will still be coming from my Mac device.


How to setup Apple Universal Control

The setup is simple, update all devices to the latest software and then on your Macbook head over over to Display settings.

Apple Universal Control - How to setup
Apple Universal Control – How to setup with Ipad Pro and Macbook

On the Macbook (or any Mac like Mac Studio or iMac) you should see an option on the bottom left to Add Display – and you will get the option to select your iPad Pro and select it as a device to Share Keyboard and Mouse with.

Once you set this up – you can then drag your mouse over and you should see a cursor appear on your iPad which is controlled by your Mac. Be sure to learn some of the hotkeys (Like CMD + H) to serve as the home button for your iPad.



Apple Universal Control – Video Guide

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