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Kobe Bryant WORK ETHIC – Kobe Keys to Success Vol 2

From the mind of Kobe Bryant.... #KeysToSuccess Curious as to how hard one must work to make it happen? Let's take a look at 10 examples and quotes from Kobe Bryant. This series is something I have worked on, with the first one being on Tom Brady with his series he...

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How to do Digital Marketing – Insights from Miocoa

Curious about why everyone is talking about Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing is here to stay, and as an agency owner myself, I can't express how many people I helped see a path that can bring the success and wants they want in their life. I believe 100% that...

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Google SEO is the #1 underrated strategy that businesses are sleeping on today. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!. It's 12/10/2018, Atlanta United just won the MLS cup and we had a parade here in Atlanta, GA. I was late in starting my stream, but I am still executing on my strategy...

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Mark My Roots

A U.S.-based bath & body-product company turned to Blendlogic in its bid to grow. In one week, we turned an Etsy page into a fully-functioning e-commerce site with operations in Europe.

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WHAT IS SEO AND HOW IT WORKS – 25K+ Monthly Visitors!!!

You would feel like this too if you had over 25K visits on your site/blog per month! Lets take a look how. What's going on guys, Alan here from Blendlogic with another article right up to help explain the crucial question:  WHAT IS SEO AND HOW IT WORKS *wink if you...

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Keys to Success – Simon Sinek

Breaking down Simon Sinek Keys to Success - THIS GUY ROCKS Whats up Blendlogic Family. I hope you guys are on your path to success. One thing that I always mention in my Facebook Group Live Calls is that you have to implement the mindset and work ethic of successful...

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How To Install WordPress in cpanel

Your guide to getting your Blog up and running in no time. Welcome fellow freedom fighters and digital marketing #ballers. This article will guide you on how to get started blogging in seconds with a tutorial on how to install Wordpress in cPanel. Every hosting...

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Work Smarter not Harder – STOP MAKING THESE MISTAKES

Shortcut your way to success with these swipe files directly from Blendlogic Designs. THE SAME STRATEGIES OUR CLIENTS USE TO SELL $5K IN PROGRAMS!!! Current mood on a rainy day in Monday. Chillin in a comfy onesie just  writing this article after just launching my...

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