Business Value Ladder Plan for Basketball Trainers

What is a Business Value Ladder

Business Value Ladder plan was a term I first discovered from Digital Marketer Russell Brunson in ClickFunnels or his book DotCom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online

Essentially, its an idea for creating various products at different price points for your business so that you can showcase your skills and competence.

Typically, I will always recommend the more niche your offering, the higher the price. If you are creating a product in which your time is one-on-one or not scaling your time, you have to charge a high amount to cover the cost of making content that could be scaled. If you are able to make a product that sells for $25 a month and have 5 people able to digest the content, then naturally if you were to focus on one person you would have to hvae a offering that is $125.
Value Ladder Example
Business Value Ladder used by digital marketing

How to do it for Basketball

As mentioned in the video, I would recommend recording your training sessions so that you can create some kind of Social Proof as to the competency as a trainer. From there, you can develop a product that people could utilize at home, or at a court. The same drills that you do as in your in-person camps, you can create a version/routine that they could take home.

One trainer I work with, Jordan Lawley, sends out his kids every exercise/drill after the session so they could practice and build upon the work. That is a “free bonus” that they get when joining in person. A lower price point of not coming in and getting corrected would be to have static videos.

To get the high end of the value ladder, product offering that a Basketball Trainer could implement would be to do some form of Shot Analysis/Feedback. If you establish yourself as an industry leader/expert in terms of shooting, then naturally if someone wasn’t able to come out to your camps but wants to receive your service, you could offer a video send in and analysis.

In the end you have to get creative with how you can take your basketball trainer business to the online age. There are alot of opportunities for trainers to showcase their skills and gain clients if you just put yourself out there!

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