Work Smarter not Harder – STOP MAKING THESE MISTAKES

Work Smarter Not Harder

Shortcut your way to success with these swipe files directly from Blendlogic Designs. THE SAME STRATEGIES OUR CLIENTS USE TO SELL $5K IN PROGRAMS!!! Current mood on a rainy day in Monday. Chillin in a comfy onesie just  writing this article after just launching my Digital Marketing Ballers Facebook Group – That group is for … Read more

What is a Sales Funnel Part II – ILoveBasketballTV

What is a Sales Funnel - I Love Basketball TV

What is a Sales Funnel? A #FunnelHacker look at ILoveBasketballTV’s model What is a Sales Funnel? Curious how the top businesses and brands utilize systems and automation to grow their business and attract more clients. More than likely, most of these businesses are using systems set up in a process called a Sales Funnel which is … Read more

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