CTA MEANING – Call to Action Examples – Gary Vaynerchuck

CTA Meaning – What is a CTA

A CTA is defined as a CALL TO ACTION. It is a concept that individuals use to suggest to the audience to take note or pay attention to specific instruction that is beneficial to most parties.

Most marketers will instruct users to click a link or enter email address credentials so that they can send information to the viewer’s email (or phone number if they are doing SMS marketing)

The most common examples of CTA are the following:

  • Lead Magnets
  • Video Training Courses
  • Affiliate Links to Products
  • Related Links for further reading/watching of the viewer.

In this article and video posted below, we will cover Gary Vaynerchucks CTA to study Call to Action Examples that he has used in his recent Youtube Videos.

Gary Vaynerchuck – Call to Cation Examples

CTA #1  – Audio Experience – CTA MEANING – Call to Action

Gary doing a CTA for his Podcast

So in this Marketing Example – Gary Vaynerchuck uses pre-roll or premade footage that he lets his user view AFTER watching the Youtube Content.
By having this footage in the end, he is inserting his own “ad” to his own product in which in this case he wants you to view his Audio Experience. The link he uses is https://garyvee.lnk.to/audioexperienceFA which auto-forward to his Podcast Link.to account found here – https://garyvee.lnk.to/audioexperienceFA

More detailed information and notes are added in the Youtube Explanation of this video to What is a CTA

CTA # 2 – Wine Text + All In ChallengeGary Vaynerchuck Marketing Example CTA 2


In this CTA – Gary Vaynerchuck places a simple banner to go to winetext.com and visit his Wine Library context. Additionally, from this marketing funnel – he uses the CTA (Call to Action) in his video with “JUMP AT YOU LANGAUGE – Cursing” to jolt you from your viewing experience.

Tony Robbins explained this concept various times as a way to WAKE audiences from their “haze” state to get them focused and paying attention to the next details that are about to be shared.


CTA # 3  – Audio Experience

CTA MEANING - CALL TO ACTION Gary Vaynerchuck Marketing Example

This pre-roll video is different than his last one. Perhaps a higher converting Podcast PRE-ROLL footage that they have tested on their social media platforms to get the conversion to their site.

It is important to note the strategy and systems that can be tested on these CTA’s. By leveraging UTM codes – Team Gary can track down which percentage of traffic got to the link – https://garyvee.lnk.to/audioexperienceFA

By testing on Twitter/Instagram and other channels, they can test out which videos work best to get people subscribed to the podcast. After testing each video CTA, they can then choose the winning pre-made content to append to the end of their long-form video content.

Hopefully by explaining and showing these examples of how CTA is used, it also helps explain the CTA meaning – and ways you can use it.

CTA # 4 – SMS Marketing


In this last example (Watch the full video on Youtube for the full video /audio experience) he leverages SMS marketing to get on Tea Time with Gary Vee.

With his SMS Marketing Platform, he can now engage with users on a concept that is called Omnipresent Marketing.

The podcast was marketing towards individuals who are multi-tasking, or to most users who are on a commute to work.

With SMS Marketing, it is a more “private” and real experience as most consumers or customers do not generally have throw-away text accounts that they engage with people on.

Blendlogic CTA – Watch the Youtube Video – CTA Meaning hopefully explained :p




If you guys enjoyed reading, or need to see the videos for more context, I explain more concepts such as

  • Association Bias
  • News-rell effect
  • Social Proof + The Technology and tools I use to accomplish it

Be sure to watch the whole video above, and it would be really helpful if you left comments or questions on any parts that I can explain better.
Also, the above text is an example of how CTA’s are done in blogs, asking YOU the reader to take ACTION (if you wanted, of course, *pretty plz) to watch the video if you have time and want to learn more.


I hope you found it useful. Hopefully, that clears up What a CTA is and the CTA Meaning

If you liked’ the video and were curious about how I record the setup, or if you are interested in starting a blog or a podcast some of the links below can help

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