DEATH AND TAXES – Arnold Quotes to Motivate You

Nothing is certain but death and Taxes

We have all heard the phrase, however I wanted to go deep into one particular quote/interview of Arnold Schwarzenegger that I found to be truly inspirational. From my latest Foundation of Success, Arnold talks about how he owes a staggering $15 Million dollars in taxes. Yet despite this ridiculous amount, Arnold claims he is excited!!!! Why..?

Because in order to owe that much… I must have made alot of money

Below is the video for Arnold Foundation’s of Success video. I use this platform to illustrate my takes on what makes someone successful. Hopefully, you become inspired as I was learning about Arnold’s story and leverage this to help in your journal! Watch below for

Arnold Schwarzenegger Motivation


Why this mindset?

​​​​​​​Arnold was first seen using the principle of inversion in his famous Pumping Iron Interview. In that interview, he talks about how he would compare or find working out to be as great as sex.

To Arnold, he realized that he could trick his mind to take anything that the masses thought of as pain, and leverage it to his advantage. See as Warren buffet says 

“Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful”

Warren Buffet

In my Foundations of Success video, I mention in Number 1[Execute on your ideas] that Arnold’s accountant mentions he owes $15 Million dollars. But you can see here that Arnold gets excited about this. WHY? Because to get taxed that much means you must have made a lot of money.

How to leverage this to your advantage

When everyone else finds it difficult and quits, you will stay the course and use this to your advantage. 

One of my earliest mentors taught me the importance of killing your ego and not being so cyncial. He mentioned that everyone you see at the top, in one way or another probably deserves to be at the top. I was doing my research on the “successful” or ones who made it and I have been finding my mentors advice to be true.

For example, Seth Rogen does a charity event Hilarity for Charity in which he raises money for alzhemizers for his wife mother, and now they have raised  more than $7 Million dollars. At the end of the show, Post Malone comes and does an AMAZING cover of Return of the Mack. Most people in my circle have hated on Post Malone, but I have the mentality of always being objective and seeing why people are successful.

Arnold Quotes to Motivate You

Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.

Like Arnold, it is clear that he has spent the time and the grind working on his craft and putting himself out there.

In Arnold’s case, you should check out my recommended dreading section and thoughts on his autobiography – TOTAL RECALL. In this book, he highlights the struggles he had growing up, the massive amounts of courage he had to travel to America, and the work ethic he employed to make it in America.

For my clients, or to anyone reading this looking to  leverage digital marketing, YOU HAVE TO PUSH THROUGH. One Social media post, one youtube video, one blog article… it is just like Arnold’s philosophy on reps and sets for working out. When no one seems to be looking, you are working on your craft and creating the masterpiece that you envision in your head. NO ONE is going to work out for you in your craft. If you are adding social media/ digital marketing to your craft, no one will bust out the videos and share your story. No one will share the same passion to create the videos that you want to . But know that if you stay the course, like the examples I provide in my videos and my own story, you can learn the same elements and create an environment that helps you succeed.

Keep Grinding,



And…. more

Arnold Quotes to Motivate You

Just remember, you can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets.

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