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If you are reading this, you may have seen my live-streams where I explained the MasterPlan to execute on. If not you can watch the replay on the right –>

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Alan here,

Really excited for you guys to be checking this page out. I am Owner and Founder of Blendlogic, Fest Fitness and Nutrition and have been a BIOHACKING addict since as long as I can remember. But I didn’t always use to be doing what you are seeing online. I used to be like you.. perhaps… watching people online, selling things/courses or ideas and thought it wasn’t possible. However one day, one of my business partners and buddy Jim Schwoebel started something amazing. Neurolaunch – the worlds first Neuroscience startup accelerator.

When I asked him how he got in that position he told me a quote I will never forget

“Alan, people are going to tell you what you can and cannot do. You either get F’**ed by life or you are the one controling life. Its your choice


See, before Jim launched his first business (and he helped me launch this one and my others) he proved to himself that what others said wasn’t possible WAS possible. One story he shared was how the professors at Georgia Tech (both of our alma-mater) told him it wasn’t possible as a student to publish or make a book. Now look at this (

Obviously it was a start, but Jim’s story inspired me to start double checking what I thought wasn’t possible and is possible in the world, and I launched my first business Fest because of some of health issues I ran into and how I over came them (High Blood Pressure)

From that journey, I connected with several other business owners such as Jordan Lawley, Anthony Haskins, etc (people you may notice are my clients today for Blendlogic) and they also had similar stories of overcoming fear, doubt and launching successful businesses.


One of the most interesting propositions was when I started networking with e-commerce clients….

IF you haven’t watched the above video WATCH IT NOW. It explains the whole concept :p

What I am offering this month, is access to the knowledge, teachings and mentors from my connections and journey in Fest and Blendlogic to guide you and show you STEP-by-Step how to launch an e-commerce business. I am also sharing strategies and forming accountability by joining a private group of individuals who are dedicated to share their progress and motivate you to do the same!

I am opening up 15 spots for a test group to help develop and execute on these e-commerce plans.

If you have tried e-commerce before or are totally new – ALL ARE WELCOME

My family and doctors said if I don’t take these I would be dead. They said I would have to be taking pills forever to control my blood pressure. It’s just the way it is……I found another way…ORGANIC FOOD!

We all have dreams in life. Like the story I shared in my live stream.. My momento was my Blood Pressure medicine, and I wanted to change the fitness world or individuals around you. I had overcome family and doctors telling me a way my life had to be and overcome that obstacle and wanted to share it with the world. With e-commerce this is another moment…

You may be motivated by other reasons…, whether it is Financial FreedomTravel, or just getting income on what they LOVE TO DO.

If you are interested in joining, just provide your contact info below and I will schedule a Skype call with you to hear your story, learn more about you and get you started on improving your e-commerce journey.


Stay strong!


Private Mentor Group Application closes END OF THE MONTH!








  • Spots Remaining – 12/15


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