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Dr. Robert Quinn talk on Finding Purpose

Hey guys,

I wanted to preface the #MotivationalBlend Monday video with my thoughts on preparing content. Alot of other motivation platforms exist in which I gain inspiration and storyboard information from. These agency include the GoalCast, Be Inspired, Get Motivated. All with great information. I wanted to shoot some footage to showcase insight you can gain from trying to recreate content.

The fastest way to learn is to recreate or reverse engineer something that is already made. I have been watching and learning video editing and fun projects I liked doing is recreating videos I enjoy watching. So with these motivational videos, it was interesting seeing the source material used, then being able to see how these agencies broke down the content and retold it in another way.

You can also see from the first clip the clever use of B-Roll footage. For those I utilize VideoBlocks. You can click below for a link:

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Purpose Driven Life

In the video, Dr. Quinn shares the story of the teacher and his daughter who regained their locus of control through various methods. With the teacher story, I like to relate to the message I have found situations in my life where I have wanted to encourge friends, family members to partake this mindset or attitude, but I wasnt able to fully communicate and express my ideas yet. Sometimes in life you will find that not everyone will be on the same journey or mindset as you, and you will struggle to encourage or try to motivate them to take action like you want to. Through my journey, I had alot of trouble with this because I wanted my friends to create busineses, follow their passions and I felt that alot of the mentors and people online were saying the message that her school teachers said – “You are not the key to every door”. I wanted to help them out, and in my course I talk about it.

When you start prospecting clients, you will understand why they encourage this attitude, because it makes life “easier” when you work with action taken clients who understand what you are trying to do. However, sometimes in life, there are people you don’t want to just state “Cant help them if they dont want to help themselves” I struggle with it daily, almost at one point creating a 10K+ Instagram follower just so my friend would build the moment to take over the business and see what is possible. I still sometimes think about ways I could’ve studied harder, learned marketing better to help my friend but its never too late to turn it around.

As I teach you guys, and encourage my clients or listeners or readers to implement this advice, you will find that there are some people in your life that sometimes won’t be on the same page as you. I have found motivation/inspiration by making content like this, so I can help the people get inspiration even though they cant afford my services yet.

In the end, these talks and motivations are someone’s value ladder in life that may not necessarily be yours. Everyone has their own values, but once you discover yours, your purpose, you may experience some of the things in this video. It does become easier to reject “peer pressure” because you want to do only what you feel in life you are meant to do. It is a powerful feeling.

Stay Strong,

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