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Pixel Analytics 101 – The prerequisite for your Marketing Funnels

The first step to using Facebook Journey’s is to have your Facebook Pixel setup on your site and tracking data. If you need assistance with getting your Facebook Pixel setup – send us an email at and we will get you hooked up on a Free consultation

Once you have Pixel Installed, your goal is to get traffic to the pixel. You can leverage Paid Advertising Strategies or SEO Strategies. Whichever you find is most congruent to what you can achieve for your business. If you are low on money – > Do SEO. If you have money to invest – > Paid Advertising.

With either strategy, you should have a good understanding of how your traffic consumes your data and goes down your marketing funnels. If you do not have an undersatnding of this, you will be wasting your time and money with either strategy because you cannot know what to invest in if you don’t even know what works.

Check out some previous content on Facebook Pixels. Once you get it setup, we can start analyzing your Marketing Funnels

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Marketing Funnels - Facebook Funnels

Once you load into, you can load pixels and look at the Pixel Analytics to check the data. What we are going to focus on in the Funnels Step

Marketing Funnels - Facebook Funnels Example

So based on the video, and also this picture – You would simply go to Funnels > Create Funnel then ADD FUNNEL STEP

The most basic funnel that you can look at is the following

  • Content View – view looks at your content
  • Add to Cart – User has added something to the Cart
  • Purchases – User has paid for said object in cart.

Obviously, the thing you would want to analyze or check into are the users who added to the cart but DID NOT PURCHASE. There are several strategies you can do to get those users such as Lost/Abandoned Cart or even hitting just those people with a Retargeting Campaign to get those “lost leads”

These are all the steps you need to do for optimizing your Marketing Funnels

Take your business into your own hands.

The video and consultations will explain how to fully get 27% increased conversion. What you would want to do is create RETARGETTING Campaigns to boost up the conversion of users who added to cart but did not purchase.

The users who added to the cart had SOME concept of wanting to do business with you, they just decided last minute to not purchase. BUT THOSE ARE REALLY WARM LEADS that you can be making A LOT OF MONEY from.


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