How to become an SEO Expert – 3 Simple Tips to do TODAY

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

The road to becoming an SEO expert will take some time, but it doesnt have to be a CHALLENGING one. With this guide, we aim to show you 3 simple ways that you can start your journey to success with SEO so that you can get

  • More website traffic
  • More Facebook Pixel Data
  • More Sales by converting traffic and build that REVENUE STREAM

It all starts with the magic of FREE SEO Traffic that is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so lets get started with 3 SIMPLE TIPS to show you How to Become an SEO Expert.

How to Become an SEO Expert – Tip #1 – Use WordPress RIGHT NOW

The first tool you want to DEFINITELY be using for your business is WordPress.

WordPress is a CMS that allows you to easily create posts for your blog so that you can being sharing your PASSIONs and monetize your blog articles into traffic today.
Starting your blog is easy. We have created video and guide to help you get started


Our 2018 WordPress Setup Guide

How to Install WordPress in cPanel


How to Become an SEO Expert – Tip #2 – Do your research

Before we right any blog article, we want to make sure that there is DEMAND for that article. If there was no one searching for your keywords, then you would essentially be WASTING your time creating articles as no one see them because no one is searching for them.

There are some easy tips to find who is searching in your niche. Let’s take a look at Basketball

How to Become an SEO Expert - Basketball Drills

If you notice the screenshot – you will see the Volume and CPC and Competition.  To get this tool – > CLICK HERE

Let’s break down those terms

  • Volume – How many users per month are searching for that term
  • CPC – how much it would cost for a user to click your link if you chose to use Google Adwords
  • Competition – How many users have optimized their articles for that current search term.


The important ones to look at are Volume and Competition. For Volume, you want to create articles for searches a month that are at least >1000 searches a month. For Competition – look for less than .25

Of course, every strategy needs some validation. At Blendlogic, we verify our search terms with two other tools

SERPstat and KWFinder.

Both tools work to validate the findings, and we typically look for a range between the following:

How to Become an SEO Expert - Basketball Drills KWFinder

How to Become an SEO Expert - Basketball Drills Serp Stat


SerpStat : Over 1000 Search Volume and < 25 Keyword Difficulty

KWFinder – Still Possible < 60/100


How to Become an SEO Expert – Tip #3 – Write with a Guide

The last tip to becoming an SEO expert that will get you started generating loads of traffic is writing based on what EXPERTS consider the way Google analyzes your blogs.

There are two simple plugins you should Install on your WordPress TODAY

Yoast and our secret weapon – WebTextTool

Both of these tools will give you guidelines on EXACTLY what to write, how many times to include your keyword and give you suggestions on how to optimize your writing so that Google will give you the Page #1 ranking.


Take your business into your own hands.

We know it can be frustrating when business slows down. We know the frustration that can happen when no one is coming to your gym, the phone isn’t ringing and you are just wondering where all your customers are at.

They are all ONLINE, and if you do not get this down in your business, the sad truth is that your business will be left behind. With just 5 mins a day in training, and 20 minutes in writing an article, you can create simple text-based articles (like the one you read) to increase the chances of your website being discovered.

Then simply use marketing tips and funnels to take that traffic and convert them into PAID Customers.

Suggested reading:


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Facebook Pixel analytics from clients, our own blog and inspiration to get started. If you have read our Conversion Post videos (From our 100K Business Owners Support Group), you will see how everything comes down to taking Traffic and hitting conversion rates. (Most businesses get 10%)

How to Become an SEO Expert - Pixel Examples 1

How to Become an SEO Expert - Facebook Pixel 2


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