How to Create a Facebook Page: A Guide for Starters

Your guide to jumpstarting your business with Facebook Pages

This article will cover how to create a Facebook Page if you are just starting out. Alot of our initial clients ask this question as they are just getting started in the Digital Marketing Space.

Are you interested in creating a Facebook Page for your business that attracts clients?

Are you curious how to manage your page effectively and securely?

In this article, you will find out how to create a Business Facebook Page quickly and optimized.

So…What Is a Facebook Page?

A Facebook Page is a specific page that is attached to a profile so that Facebook knows who owns the page. It is useful to have a separate presence that you can use to promote your business or brand. They are designed specifically for business use and have nifty analytical features not available on public profiles. These range from advertising, post scheduling, analytics on EVERYTHING

Follow this simple guide to set up your Business Page for success, take advantage of all of the features available to you. 

#1: Setting Up a Facebook Page

There are several ways to create a business page. You can make them from your Personal Profile or through Business Manager. We recommend in the end to link your pages in Business Manager as you will want to utilize that to fully see the analytics

From your personal Facebook Page, you will need to log in to your profile and hit the Home Button next to your name. Click on the Create PageCreate a Facebook Page


Next, you’ll choose a page type for your new business page. There are two options:

Create a Facebook Page Options 2018

For most businesses, you will want to choose the Business or Brand. If you are making a Personal Brand business, then you will want to choose Public Figure

You will want to choose the specific category that best matches your business. You can always change your choice later after the page publishes and can change category.

Fill out the name of your new page along with any other requested information fields, click Get Started, and you’ll be taken to your new page!

You’ll see a prompt list with tips and ideas designed to help you create a great page before you start inviting people to like it.

Create a Facebook Page First Steps

In the beginning, there are probably low searches for your business on Facebook if you are just creating it, but to be safe you will want to unpublish your page so you can work on it before the public launch. In the settings top navigation bar there is a Page Visibility row in the General settings. Change that to Unpublished.


Page Visibility

There you have it! Thats How to Create a Facebook Page! Hope you enjoyed….

Just kidding. Lets get into more detail to build out that page!

#2: Design and Add a Profile Picture to Your Facebook Page

Your business profile should reflect your business somehow.

  • A photo of a physical product you sell
  • A professional photo of yourself if you’re the face of your business
  • Your logo

Whatever you choose, keep the composition simple so it’s easily recognized.

Create a Facebook Page - Canva Options

Facebook lists your profile at a 1×1 ratio. You could choose to have your profile picture be at least 180×180 which is what it appears on the desktop. However, if people click to see the picture, it would be small. Our recommendation is at least 1000×1000 (which is the same resolution as Instagram Posts) You can achieve this with free tools like

Canva is also a really good tool for creating custom logos. If you browse the templates you can see the Logo themes where you can input your own business name.

When you are ready, upload the newly created profile image to Facebook and head over to Add a Picture. Upload your newly created Canva image. Next its time to create the cover.

#3: Create and Add a Cover Photo for Your Facebook Page

You will go through the same process for creating a Facebook Cover. Canva has options and designs that you can build off of or utilize to design your Facebook Cover. The dimensions for Facebook Cover Photos are 828 x 315 px.

With the exception of changing dimensions, you’ll go through the same process as above to create a cover photo; the dimensions for a Facebook cover photo are 820 x 312 px. (On Canva)

When you have made your design on Canva, you can upload it with the Add a Cover button on your page and Upload the Photo.

How to Create a Facebook Page - Create a Cover

When your image is ready, click on the Add a Cover button in the upper-left corner of the Cover Photo space, and then click Upload Photo. You can drag the image to position it correctly and when you’re happy with how things look, click the Save button.

After uploading your cover photo, click on the image to fill out the description. This is a valuable piece of real estate on your page, so make sure to utilize this area to share a tagline or a price point, and to include a link to your website or a product landing page.

Then, if someone clicks on your cover photo, they’ll find out even more about the page or your business.

#4: Add a Call-to-Action Button to Your Facebook Page

How to Create a Facebook Page - Add a Button

Adding a call-to-action button to your page gives people an easy way to do things like sign up for your giveaway or newsletter, buy something, and so forth.

Once you click on Add a Button, which is located just under the right corner of your cover photo, you’ll be prompted to choose from seven types of standard buttons.

The Book with you has one option

  • The Book Now button lets people book travel or an appointment with you.

The Contact You option has five buttons.

  • The Call Now button lets someone call you with a single tap of the button.
  • The Contact Us and Sign Up buttons both take users to a form on your website for lead generation or subscriber capture.
  • The Send Message button opens a private Facebook message between the user and your page.
  • The Send Email button lets people email you directly from your page.
  • Sign Up lets people register for a specific event

The Learn More option has two buttons.

  • The Watch Video button takes people to a video on your website or on Facebook.
  • The Learn More button will show someone more information about your business.

The Shop with you has a two buttons.

  • Shop Now gets more people to see and buy products on your website or your page.
  • See Offers – essentially the same as above

The Download App or Game option has two buttons.

  • The Use App button takes people directly to your app and will increase downloads or engagement.
  • The Play Game button lets people download or play your game.

Explore all of the types of call-to-action buttons to see which is the best fit for your business.

#5: How to add a Description to your Facebook Page

Add Descriptions to Your Facebook Page

Page descriptions will help with Facebook SEO and also let users know what your page is all about. What you need to understand about the branding of your page is that you are painting the picture of your business virtues ideals. Learn from Simon Sinek, let users know WHY you are operating and then you finish with WHAT. It has to be clear of WHY you are in this business space to increase the KLT factor of your potential clients.

Descriptions are limited to 155 characters, so you will also want to utilize Stories on your Facebook Page to serve almost as a blog.

Click on the Add a Short Description prompt and write one to two sentences, including keyword phrases where appropriate, to succinctly describe the focus of your page or business.

If you want to adjust this in the future this will appear in the About section of your page. We also recommend creating more information in the Our Story section of your page.

Click the Save button and you’re all set.




#6: Create a Custom Username for Your Facebook Page

Usernames are what happens after the HERE_____ .

This will help with SEO when launching your business, so it is best to have your business name or social media handles be the same throughout as you grow.

For example, I might choose TestStory as the username for our test page, so the URL would become

In general, you want to keep your username as short as possible. That said, you should avoid abbreviations or acronyms that aren’t intuitively tied to your brand.

Facebook only allows custom user names after a certain amount of likes and follows. So it is in your best interest to promote you page to get this URL. It also helps with SEO!

#7: Adjusting Important Privacy and Security Settings

Now that your page is set up on the front end, it’s time to make sure it’s secure, define the roles you’ll give to people who have access to or manage it, configure how the public can message you, and so on.

General Settings

Here are some helpful settings from this section:

Shortcut pins to your Facebook Page will allow you to easily manage your most edited pages.

Open Visitor Posts and allow peopel to publish photos and videos to your page. You can always review posts later.

Additionally, you want to allow users to connect to you and your business through messenger. Be sure to enable the messages box to add this to your page.

You want to allow users to tag you via your handle (@blendlogic) This is a great way to utilize Influencers and let others right about you. Be sure to keep this box checked

Similar Page Suggestions will allow you to be found through Facebook SEO as you grow your page. The more you deliver content, the more Facebook is able to get a better understanding of what your business is about and thus allow you to “syphon” traffic off competitors.

Messaging Settings

When someone sends you a private message through your page, you have the option to turn on the Response Assistant to deliver automated responses. These messages are personalized with the user’s name and you can edit the template copy to align with your voice.

You can configure an auto-response to:

  • confirm that you’ve received a message and are working on a reply
  • let customers know you’re not in, but you’ll reply as soon as you return
  • thank Messenger users for contacting your page for the first time

If you have a high response rate, you may want to show that to encourage messages to contact you! Be sure to set up a response bot or have this listed so that you are responding to your customers!

Edit Page Settings

Facebook allows you to edit the order of how your content is shown on your page. If you are heavy in the video strategy (Which we recommend you should be) you may want to have videos be the top section that appears on your site.

Notifications Settings

This setting lets you decide how you’re notified when there’s activity on your page. Think about whether you want notifications every time something happens or every 24 hours.

You can also choose which types of activity you want to be notified about. Do you want to know every time your page gets a new comment, a new page post share, or a new mention? Turn these and other options off or on from within this section.

Finally, tell Facebook whether you want to receive notifications by email, text, or both.

Messenger Platform Settings

Messenger is evolving quickly within Facebook and the new Discover feature allows people to discover your business to send a message. You can take advantage of extended visibility by choosing to let Facebook show your page in Discover.

Page Roles Settings

Page Roles allow you to add team members to help manage your page. Admins are the top rank and have full control of the site.
Most options are self explanatory.
This option is also how you will be able to add ad agencies to your page to allow them to handle ads being run for your business.

People and Other Pages Settings

This gives you a list of pages and people who like your page. In the event you need to ban someone, you can do it here.

Preferred Page Audience Settings

Facebook has removed this feature. To have detailed targeting, you should run an Ad on your most popular posts to a detailed demographic to build awareness to your brand.

You will find that the old settings are EXACTLY what appears in Business Manager now when creating an Ad.

Just a reminder, if you snooze you lose. This once free feature is now behind Facebook’s Pay wall.

#8: Finalize Page Details

Lastly, here are some few tips before you publish your page

After you have set up your cover photo, there is a drop down that will let you add some final details to your Page. We recommend starting with Edit Page info then adding a Story for your page. Also it helps to review the information in See All information to reveal all the information that is listed in a more granular format about your business.

Be sure to also add other Social Media accounts on your page so people can follow you there as well. Connected profiles and featuring teams create a stronger personal branding.

There are alot of features you can do with Facebook Pages, such as showcasing awards you have won, having full catalog descriptions of what you offer. Be sure to browse through them and create your own unique page for your viewers to find more about you.

At the end of the day, your business awareness will come down to the quality of the content you distribute through posts. The info they find on your page as just supplementary to first FINDING your page by the content that you post that is shared.

When you believe it is time to Publish your page, be sure to go to Page Visibility and change the settings to Page Published. You are now ready to enter the content marketing game!


Facebook Pages are where your business can gain Tons of exposure. Once you cover the basics of the Photo and the Cover Photo you are then ready to start the content generation game where you will gain exposure for your brand.

Use this guide to help you create the Facebook Page that aligns with your business values and promotes your business to help you serve your community and bring positive changes to the world.

Create your page today! If you have other questions let us know in the comments below!

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