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Curious about why everyone is talking about Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is here to stay, and as an agency owner myself, I can’t express how many people I helped see a path that can bring the success and wants they want in their life. I believe 100% that Digital Marketing is the PILLAR of SUCCESS that everyone will need to be involved with in order to use as a tool in your toolbox to have the life that alot of people are seeking.

So, if you are here and just getting started… I always get asked this question from my coaching clients and people who meet me: is this one simple question. How do you get started? Well hopefully this article covers that basis and covers some insights on how to do digital marketing. My takes from the VIDEO VERSION

❓How do I get started❓ (How to do Digital Marketing)

Today I bring you an interview from Jasmine Gibson from Miocoa strategies.

I have taken the time to put my insights from the interview that you can glance at and see the answer to from the Youtube Video version. This conent is also on the Youtube Description (As part of my Youtube SEO Strategy)


Start testing out and get involved in the weeds to see if you like it. Get involved in as many things as you can so that you can test to see what you can do.
Before “life gets in the way”, take time to realize that as you get older you are expected to have more responsibility. So you might as well go for the MOST RISKY things while you are young, so that you can see if it works or not.

📗MINDSET📗 [05:50]

Always be about #GROWTH #MINDSET.
Humans are the most adaptable species to walk the earth. JUST BEING HUMAN means that you are at best… AVERAGE at being the BEST ADAPTABLE SPECIES.

Use that as motivation to LEARN AND ADAPT to new things that you haven’t executed on

📗TOOLS📗 [7:00]

#Technology is HELPING you create content earlier. Canva is one tool being used by MOST #DIGITALMARKETERS to help them create content for users. I talked about this before on how to execute on this.

If you haven’t seen my resources page, you can check it out on Blendlogic, or you can see my Livestream Resources tool by Clicking HERE


HAVE BOUNDARIES. You have one life. Go execute on it.
Check out the full playlist here

🔑HOW TO GET CLIENTS?!?!?🔑 [25:20]

Be #VISIBLE. If you aren’t being available then no one will know what you are doing.

Thoughts on doing FREE STUFF [28:50]

If you are just starting out and NOT CONFIDENT in the value that you can provide, my recommendation would be to take one out of Gary V’s Book . Learn that it is only now that you are not making money, stop worrying about instant gratification and instead worry about GETTING BETTER. Eventually, when you improve your craft with time, practice and dedication, then you can get to a point where the product speaks for itself. Lead with #VALUE. Stop living in scaricty mindset.


Video Link : [33:20]

Just look at my current squeeze page that I am pushing.

You can see that in that page, I do a breakdown of the top person in the Basketball Space – Coach Rocky from ILoveBasketballTV. Put simply, if he is doing it, then you probably want to do Video Testimonials as well. So for that particular product, I just showcase BASKETBALL TRAINER AFTER BASKETBALL TRAINER who are ALL vouching for my services. To the next person who comes in, they will see that as SOCIAL PROOF that others have trusted me before.

Something to keep in mind when growing your brand. People want to work with WINNERS. Don’t take offesne if people reject you, they just dont TRUST YOU (or they don’t trust themselves)


Step 1: Be Attractive [39:15]

We can all learn a thing or two from what “Attraction Marketing” is. Don’t let the fear of yourself judging how you look to stop you from putting yourself out there. Everyone can optimize their looks and be the BEST VERSION OF THEMSELVES.

Video/Looks play a key part in holding someone’s attention. If you believe in your mission and your purpose, this will be another thing that you will work on.

Just my two cents. The mission is to help people reach self-actualization and not be afraid of things by realizing that they will get used to it and GET BETTER by trying. I’m just tired of meeting people who won’t give it a shot due to limiting beliefs. Please for 2019, realize that everything is in your control and if it’s not in your control, stop worrying about it.

You can look better in front of the camera PHYSICALLY – By Working out and Diet. You can get a better attitude and CHARISMA  – By Practicing. IT WILL ALWAYS BE REPS AND SETS

Business Relationships – Avoid Heartbreaks and 808s – [44:14]

Don’t chase waterfalls ($$$). – Just watch the video on this. I have nothing more to add. If you want to learn how to do digital marketing, the first part is to understand how to do IN PERSON MARKETING. Spend the time to be available in person and use Digital Marketing as a TOOL in your toolbox to GROW YOUR BUSINESS and BRAND


Everyone goes through the PAIN PERIOD. EVERYONE – Jeric Rosales

Want to do your own interviews?

One important thing that you can do to answer the question How to do Digital Marketing is to literally do what I do. So… how do you do interviews? Well here is the equipment that PERSONALLY uses (that I used for this video)

H4N Mic that I am using

The iPhone Voice Memo is used by Jasmine (WHICH EVERY iPHONE HAS)


Audio Sync:
The sound was sync in Post with Final Cut Pro and DaVinci Resolve.

Conclusion – How to Do Digital Marketing

Hope this helps you on your journey to success. As always, I think sometimes hearing someone elses persecptive can help YOU (YES YOU THE READER) take action to jump into this opportunity of a LIFETIME. Whether you help yourself, you help your family business, you help your friends business, there are all ways/methods that you can leverage Digital Marketing to HELP PEOPLE.


Stay Stronk

Alan Nafarrete

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