How To Install WordPress in cpanel

Your guide to getting your Blog up and running in no time.

Welcome fellow freedom fighters and digital marketing #ballers. This article will guide you on how to get started blogging in seconds with a tutorial on how to install WordPress in cPanel. Every hosting software should include cPanel access, and this video is going to cover how to do it in SiteGround. Let’s get started

How To Install WordPress in cpanel – SiteGround

The first step will be to log into SiteGround so that you can get to your cPanel account. If you don’t have hosting and would like to get SiteGround (Our Recommendation) Click this link for a special consultation session to help you get started


Let’s get started.


Video Version:

Step 1 – Login to SiteGround

01 - How To Install WordPress in cpanel - SiteGround Login

When you first navigate to SiteGround – you can log in to your account at the very top. Once you click Login, you will see where to enter your credentials and you can input it in.

Step 2 – Navigate to My Accounts

02 - How To Install WordPress in cpanel - My Account

The next step will be to get familiar with the SiteGround dashboard. When you login, this will be the default page it takes you that you can use to get all your important information. For installing WordPress on Siteground, you will want to click on My Accounts (THE BIG RED ARROW :P)

Step 3 – Navigate to cPanel

03 - How To Install WordPress in cpanel - Go To cPanel

Once you click My Accounts you will see all the domains and installations you have for WordPress. Click Go to cPanel to be able to install WordPress.

Step 4 – Click on WordPress under AutoInstallers

04 - How To Install WordPress in cpanel - Click on WordPress

Once you are inside cPanel, you will see a list of autoinstallers that you can click. We recommend using the link provided that will navigate you to the AutoInstaller for WordPress. We recommend WordPress for your blogging CMS choice, as it has the best functionality and options of any website option we have discovered.

Step 05 – Click on Install

05 - How To Install WordPress in cpanel - Click on InstallOnce you click the link, you will see options on how to install WordPress (Click the blue button Install)

The protocol will typically be https:// If you have SSL (If you don’t have this then it should be http://) Then make sure you are installing WordPress on the right domain. We recommend leaving the directory blank so that it installs on the main domain of your page and not some other link.

For example for our demo site, we made before – we placed the Directory as howtomakeasite and thus to get to the WordPress site in the URL it is

The rest of the settings you can configure then make sure to hit the Install button at the bottom

06 - How To Install WordPress in cpanel - Hit install in the bottom

If you are just getting started, you will probably want to hit that WordPress Starter option. If this AINT YO FIRST RODEO, then I find that it’s not necessary and you can unclick that option.

Conclusion – NOW YOU How To Install WordPress in cpanel

Remember guys, if you are having any issue feel free to reach out to me or my team and we would be happy to help (We are just one click away)

We hope that helps you guys get started in launching your blog so that you can start executing and getting organic traffic with SEO. SEO is free traffic that comes from Google that can really help drive traffic to your site. Once you get traffic, with enough content and #funnels you can start turning that traffic into #CUSTOMERS. (AKA Dolla dolla bills yall)

We are always here to help you on your journey. This has been an article created by yours truly, the boss man himself. Alan Nafarrete

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