How To Make a Thumbnail for Youtube

We compare Canva, DesignBold and DesignWizard in for creating a Youtube Thumbnail

Are you looking for a fast and simple way to create a thumbnail for YouTube? In today’s article, we are going to review the Top 3 Online Graphic Generator websites with Canva, DesignBold and DesignWizard.

How To Make a Thumbnail for Youtube Video Version

As always, the Youtube Video Version of our review which goes more in depth on How To Make a Thumbnail for Youtube. Be sure to watch this first and then read the article for further thoughts on each platform.


How to Make a Thumbnail For Youtube with Canva

When thinking about creating a Thumbnail, I always start off with the template designs to give me inspiration as to what type of thumbnails I could make. An added benefit of using templates is learning how each Graphic Tool works.

When you first launch the Canva Dashboard, you can find existing templates you have made on the home page. If you don’t have any designs then you can navigate to Find Templates on the left-hand side



When you get into the Canva Graphical Editor, it offers a WYSIWYG editor that allows you to click and edit text and shapes. Most templates are composed of various shapes and colors that are layered together to create the graphic.

Most templates also have stock imagery, so it is recommended to upload your own photo which can be done on the left-hand side


Making a Thumbnail for Youtube with DesignBold

How to Make a Thumbnail for Youtube - DesignBold Dashboard

DesignBold offers similar functionality to Canva, however, I find the number of templates between all 3 platforms to be the lowest.

A neat thing that was just added to DesignBold was Chart functionality – which helps create some awesome graphics, however for making Youtube Thumbnails you probably won’t need to worry about this section. However, if you are a digital marketer or looking to make more graphical content besides Youtube Thumbnails you may want to consider this when choosing a platform.


Making a Thumbnail for Youtube with DesignWizard

How to Make a Thumbnail for Youtube - DesignWizard Dashboard

Off the bat, something I noticed when first using DesignWizard was the HUGE amount of designs to choose from.

Which each design, you have alternate variations of the design that can be used to repurpose the template into Social Media versions

DesignWizard - Creating Video Designs

Another thing that is not possible with other platforms is using Video Designs, which essentially allows you to create animated Video Designs.

Which one to choose? – How to Make a Youtube Thumbnail Conclusion

Between the three, most interfaces have the same capabilities with Texts, Shapes, and Layering. They also offer lots of templates to start off with to start to inspire you to create Youtube Thumbnails. Something I would consider is using Youtube as a research tool to see what the thumbnails are of the most popular videos (or videos in your search term) and try to mimic that thumbnail with each platform.

Thinking long term, I would either choose between DesignBold or DesignWizard because I was fortunate enough to get Life Time Access to those two which is why I prefer using them. DesignWizard’s AppSumo deal let you have $60 a month of images that you can license which in my opinion is an amazing deal for not just making thumbnails, but for making all sorts of Social Media Content for my business.

I hope that helped you learn how to make a thumbnail for Youtube. Be sure to check out our full series on starting a Website from scratch.
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