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Migrate WordPress Post

Sometimes, its just time to move away

Need to migrate your hosting to a new plan? Getting terrible pricing? We are here to help. This step by step guide will assist you in migrating to SiteGround Hosting with our recommended Plugins. Check out this simple picture guide to Migrate WordPress Site

Migrate WordPress Site Picture Guide – Use All In One WP Migration – OUR RECOMMENDED PLUGIN

This will have to be done on the OLD WordPress Plugin site before you Migrate to your new hosting. In the pictures Provided, we moved a client site from Site5 hosting to the new SiteGround Hosting

If you are curious about what hosting platform to host your new Blog or WordPress site in – be sure to check out our guide
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  1. Migrate WordPress Site - Image 001
    Navigate to Add New plugin in the WordPress  Dashboard
  2. Migrate WordPress Site - Image 002Search for All In One
  3. Migrate WordPress Site - Image 003Install All In One WP Migration
  4. Migrate WordPress Site - Image 004After the plugin has installed, Navigate to the Plugin Settings and click Export


  5. Migrate WordPress Site - Image 005Click Export To > Then File
  6. Let the exporter finish

Now that the backup has been finished. Its time to configure your old hosting to post to the new hosting. The following is for GoDaddy hosting but should work for any cPanel sites

Changing your DNS – Easy Steps Explained

Navigate to your domain hosting provider – Login to GoDaddy

Migrate WordPress Site - DNS





The SiteGround DNS are the following



Migrate WordPress Site Name ServerMigrate WordPress Site New NameServers


You can also verify this in your SiteGround Admin Panel


Migrate WordPress Site SiteGround Verification



The Final Steps – Import Your File

Now that you have pointed your site to the new hosting site you will have to import your old files to your new WordPress Hosting. This guide will assume you have already installed WordPress on your new site. If you need to read instructions on how to do that CLICK HERE

    1. Install All In One WP Migrator as following the above steps


    1. Navigate to the All-In-ONE WP Migrator files and click ImportMigrate WordPress Site Import File


  1. Import file from the file that exported above


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