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With all the changing algorithms in Facebook, Instagram or Youtube, you may have noticed that your followers are unable to easily see your content like they used to. Because feeds are no longer posted based on time, you may have found that some of your posts may not get the same engagement as they used to. What are you to do? In case you haven’t noticed, the one notification that still pops up on users feeds are notifications of when users are going LIVE. In this article, we are going to demonstrate and show how to stream on Youtube to grow your business.

Setting up your Youtube Channel

Before you can learn how to stream on Youtube, you first have to setup your channel to be able to Stream.

  1. Enable your Channel
    The first part to start streaming is to make sure your channel is verified.
  2. Check the Live Stream Platform
    After your page is enabled, the Live Stream Dashboard is where you will be able to control all aspects of your stream.
    You can check the link here :

You can also reach the Live Stream Dashboard by navigating to the Creator Studio then the Live Stream options on the left.

How to Stream on Youtube - Creator Studio

How to Stream on Youtube - Live Streaming Options


Configure your Live Stream Settings

How to Stream Youtube - Channel Description Options


On the left side of the Creator Studio options, when you click on the Stream Now options, the page will load Basic Information in which it will follow similar settings to Uploading a video to Youtube.

The title and information would follow our same advice for offering value to your prospects and clients. What you will need to do is have a catchy headline that will let users tune in from the notification they get when you go live. Again, the reason we recommend going live beside overcoming the latest changes in algorithms is that every time you go LIVE, ALL of your followers will see a notification that you are going live along with a notification. NO other piece of medium at the moment will notify your subscribers/users of that.
Remember when all the Instagrammers and Youtubers said to “TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS”. Well this is the one way to do it without having to beg.

One important part to remember before going live is to change the thumbnail to an engaging thumbnail so that users who are browsing may also be more inclined to tune in. You can also always change the thumbnail after going live if you forget to do so.

How to Stream on Youtube – Setting up your laptop software (OBS)

How to Stream on Youtube - Encoder Options
Now that your Youtube Page is setup to Stream, the next part is to stream your content to your from your Laptop/Desktop to your channel.

The first part is to copy the Stream Name/Key that will be used in our preferred software Open Broadcast Software

You will find that streaming with OBS is the same for all platforms. You can check out the above link on how to stream with OBS.


How to Stream with OBS - Stream OptionsTo further explain for Youtube, you will have to check the OBS Settings and navigate to Stream options and choose Youtube. From there you will input the Stream Name/Key that is listed in the Youtube Live Dashboard that you copied above.

From there make sure to setup your Scenes and Sources to start streaming on Youtube. Be sure to check the OBS preview as what is exactly on the preview will be what will happen on the stream.


How to Stream on Youtube – Conclusion/Marketing Takeaway

So now you are ready to start streaming on Youtube. However what we believe at Blendlogic Consulting is that the WHY behind every decision. But as always besides knowing the HOW to stream on youtube, it is better to answer WHY you should stream on youtube.

You may have found that there are now ALOT of business that are launching or revamping their digital marketing games. Tons of new businesses and personal brands are FLOODING the market with content and as more people were more receptive to leveraging these for their business, the market got over saturated.

To counteract this, Facebook/Instagram/Youtube changed their algorithms to show users what they thought was BEST for them… which pretty much meant Likes/Comments/Engagements. This is why alot of posts on your feed involve clickbait, humor or what not – which made it hard for formal content to be posted on the feeds (Though now you must adapt with edutainment). Also, to monetize their platform, they have been restricting organic reach and putting it behind a paywall.

The reason we recommend going live is so that you can appear on the notifications of users. This is the one method (besides asking them to turn on notifications) to have your content be seen by your existing followers. On top of that, you will be growing you Know – Like – Trust (KLT). Going live will increase your authenticity in which users know that there are no gimmicks or cuts, but that this is you behind the camera explaining your brand and Unique Selling Position (USP)

Hope this explanation helps and see you guys on the LIVECheck out the other articles on OBS Below:
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