I Love Basketball Squeeze Page Breakdown

Learn the ins and outs and best practices for your Sales Pages. Follow this breakdown closely and you can see up to 30% increase in conversions ($$$$)

In this article, we are going to break down Coach Rocky’s Sales Pages that he is currently running for the digital programs that he is offering in his business ILOVEBASKETBALLTV. As we mentioned in the previous training, he is capitalizing on the traffic that he gets from the Google Search : I Love Basketball. In this article, we aim to answer the important questions

  • What is a Squeeze page
  • When to use a squeeze page
  • How to use a Squeeze Page

All of these will be answered by reading below and in the accompanying video review that you can watch and check out below. If you follow these steps, you can see results like some of my clients have had and increase their conversion rate and make some serious change.

Video Review – ILoveBasketballTV Squeeze Page breakdown


Squeeze Page Elements

In order to understand why a squeeze page works, we will take a look at the important elements of a Squeeze Page. These are:

  • Headlines/SubHeadlines
  • VSL
  • Authority Banners
  • Features/Benefits – What can it do for YOU
  • Explainer Sections
  • Value Stacking
  • Social Proof – Testimonial
  • FAQs
  • Money Back

In my opinion, these are the elements that you should create for your Squeeze Page that can make it effective. Don’t worry if you don’t have some of the sections available right now, you can always get them later then update the page, but we find that when our clients have these elements, it can really make or break the conversion rates of the offer. Let’s break down each element now.

The Squeeze Page we are breaking down is located here : http://ilovebasketballtraining.com/


The headlines and subheadlines of the Squeeze page should immediately call out the desires that the potential prospect can resonate with. This can be tested and played around with, but I always recommend that each business should hold surveys or questionnaires to get the answers from their existing clientele and utilize copy (words) for their headline that they find common throughout their survey results.

More than likely, when you have interviews/questionnaires or surveys of your customer base, you will find overarching trends that most people say is affecting them and holding them back from getting their desired outcome. It is up to you to discern through this feedback and generate effective copy that can GRAB the users attention from the start and have them intrigued to scroll through the page (hopefully watch the VSL video) and continue through the page in a congruent manner.

A note on split testing – Coming from an analytical background, I always stress to my clients that what you see when I Funnel Hack businesses is that the current copy comes from months and months of continual split testing, updating and tweaking until they get to a page that has satisfactory conversion rates. You can see an example of the split test model on the Can’t Be Gaurded system by checking out these two links below:




These both are pages for the same system (Cant Be Guarded) but you can see the pages are drastically different. I wanted to point out that not only the headlines are different, but the VSL, and much of the other elements are different.

I Love Basketball Headline 1

This one goes for a more “Click-Bait” type headlines by utilizing the keyword trigger “SECRET” in showcasing a blueprint that you can follow along to transform in just 30 days. This headline(Page) was made after the example below, but you can see that some of the elements are the same. He is still banking on getting results in just 30 days.

The phrasing and word choice for his subheadlines allows users to have the element of choice, which is a powerful factor when presenting customers with an offer. No one likes to be SOLD. They want to BUY. By offering it as a choice, it allows customers to feel like they are in control.

“If you follow my blueprint…” also does another thing of putting the responsibility on the users. It is their responsibility to follow the blueprint, and they could get results if they do it.

I love basketball Headline 2

In this one, he is simply using a desire from potential customers to become the “Leading Scorer” and uses that for the Headline.

In the subheadline, he is utilizing explains the system further by showcasing some benefits you could get from the system. (Confident shooting, shoot consistent, create space, and get past defenders)


VSL stands for Video Sales Letter and is an important part in your squeeze page. This allows you to use the power of video to engage with your audience and customer and let them see your face to gauage if they want to work with you or not. It is very important to do this because people only work/buy from people they trust, and by having video it allows people to pick up on subtle body language behaviors to see if they want to work with you.

I will go more in depth in the NEXT LESSON on a full breakdown of the VSL

Authority Banners

Authority banners serve as social proof and also to build Authority in your brand. By showcasing top brands that you have worked with, you can leverage association bias to have users think highly of your brand. With this approach, any positive thoughts you associate with Nike, Wilson or the other ones he provides, will more than likely also be transferred to Coach Rocky and his business as you continue down the page.

It provides social proof by also showing that you aren’t some new kid on the block, but someone who has been around and worked with people. By showcasing the TOP brands you have worked with, it also can show some level of success that you have put into your business.

Features/Benefits – What can it do for YOU

It is important to remember that when you are crafting your Squeeze Page/Sales Page, it is not about the work that you put into the system/course that is going to get people to buy. It is communicating in the language that showcase what RESULTS the CUSTOMER can get from using your system.

They don’t care how much videos there are, how much PDFs or handouts you give them. You have to understand most people start off with the Selfish Gene and care firstly about “what’s in it for them” (Read that book if you don’t believe me)


Explainer Sections

ILoveBasketball Squeeze Page - Explainer

After you hit your viewers with how they can get the results they desire, it is also important to explain exactly what they can get. An important part in the sales process it to take away any confusion or unclarity in EXACTLY what they are getting. Coach Rocky does this excellently by breaking down his program with the drills that they can expect inside the system

Value Stacking

Value stacking is a very powerful tool that can push people over the edge when deciding to make a buying decision. Simply put, value stacking leverages the comparison bias, in which people want to compare one thing to another. In this case, he leverages comparing the price at a discounted rate versus what you would pay at FULL price.

On top of that, he throws in bonuses that will help increase the perceived value of the program that he is offering. Put simply, people like to see the full price of what the program could be, and see that it’s at a discounted rate then before.

Also, I think a better example of value stacking can be seen in his 4 program combo pack seen here: http://ilovebasketballtraining.com/perfectplayer


Social Proof – Testimonial

Add this to your Squeeze Pages and watch the FLOOD GATES OPEN for your business.

Let’s face it, people like doing what other people are doing. When you are choosing where to eat out for dinner, if you see a restaurant that has NO ONE INSIDE, you probably assume that the food is not good. People make decisions based on the crowd and what others are doing.

The most effective way to help people get over this fear is to include VIDEO TESTIMONIAL on your squeeze page so they can see people who have been through the program and hear how it has helped them. People want to know that it works. It’s an important cognitive bias that people want to like operating at absolutes, in that people want to know that if they get this program that it will work 100%

This isn’t how the real world works, and everything only works if you put in the work. But because most people operate this way, you must include copy and creative that helps assure people that it could happen. (Sorry people looking for a secret formula to success. There is only one formula for success – PUT IN THE GODDAMN WORK!)


I Love Basketball - Squeeze Page - FAQs example

This can simply come from feedback that you have soft launched your program already (The Lean Startup). If you are a newbie markter pay attention to these next steps.

Taking one from this book, you would launch an MVP of your sales page offering it to close friends, relatives or existing clients. See what they think of your offer and pay close attention to what people say about it. Are there any questions they have of the program? Is there something they are unsure about.

Simply mark down there questions, and put the answers on your page. It;’s really that simple. Don’t overcomplicate this. Also, DON’T ASSUME that you know what people will ask questions on. You have to move away from product development and move into Customer development. (Four Steps to Ephinany – THANKS JIM FOR THE RECOMMENDATION 😛 )

Money Back

I Love Basketball Squeeze page - GUARANTEE

Like I mentioned before, people like working in absolutes and they a lot of times people don’t want to be held accountable if the results don’t work. In the never-ending battle between High Vibration and low vibration thoughts, you must offer this guarantee to help call out to these biases that the masses of people operate on.

IF THEY DEMAND A REFUND, don’t take it personally. YOU WANT THIS! (Yes, I really just said that). You want to have areas of your program that you can improve upon, and make it a better program. You want to have honest feedback on how it can be improved. Also, you want to help more people have a program that can genuinely help them out more.


I hope this breakdown helps shed some light as to how people can become Youtube Famous or create videos weekly. The hope of this free training series is to really breakdown the hows and whys of what top marketers are doing to reach success so that you can implement these strategies into your business as well.

Don’t just be a spectator. GET IN THE GAME. Do these things for your business and build the life of your dreams.




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