iPhone 13 Pro – iPhone Migration from iPhone X

iPhone 13 Pro – Worth the Upgrade from iPhone X

This is my first mobile phone review, but with that said – we take look at the iPhone 13 Pro – and give you quick thoughts as I upgraded from my iPhone X. I was not planning on upgrading, and wanted to wait for the iPhone 14, but I dropped my phone at the airport and was forced to upgrade. So alas, here are some quick thoughts on the “upgrade”

iPhone 13 Pro vs iPhone X – The Transfer Process

Problems – 2FA

Normally, when you upgrade your phone, you can utilize the Quick Start feature which lets you scan the QR code from your old phone and wireless transfer all of your data when setting up a new phone. The issue with this is that you need a working screen, so in my case I had to setup my iPhone 13 Pro as a new device and hope that I could get my apps and data over.

Overall – everything was in the cloud – but the ONE THING I recommend you double check is your 2FA. I currently use LastPass with LastPass Authenticator . This 2FA states that it allows backup – but to my surprise my iPhone X backup was not on and going automatically. So when I restored it, to my surprise I was MISSING alot of my 2FA.

Luckily – I was able to connect the iPhone to an HDMI output and manually backup then restore -but trust me the headache and stress was not worth it. Your Display can crack at any moment – so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE – make sure you have auto backup on for your 2FA apps.

Problems – Cyrpto Wallets

Another things that almost made me sad is that I wrote down my keys wrong somehow for my Digital Wallets. One thing to always make sure you have right is the backup for your keys so that you can transfer wallets properly between devices.

I am not entirely sure if this works when doing the transfer process that Apple provides, but in my case , because my iPhone X screen was broken, I again had to do manual transfer of apps Рand this is one thing to  make sure you have stored down somewhere and PROPERLY

iPhone 13 Pro vs iPhone X – Hardware Comparison

Size Difference

I thought that the iPhone 13 Pro would be a similar feeling of size, and for the most part I have gotten used to it, however it is slightly larger than the iPhone X. Its unfortunate that in order to get a physical zoom lens – you have to go iPhone 13 Pro, as I find that I don’t really need/utilize the wide-angle lens.

Screen Difference – Promotion

Not everyone will notice the difference between ProMotion – but the iPhone 13 Pro does allow for 120 FPS which may be more visually appealing to the eyes. Overall I’d say if deciding between the iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone Mini – the screen shouldn’t be a factor for most users.

Ultimately I think a decision in upgrading would be deciding on the camera needs and the size as the most important factors

iPhone 13 Pro – Video Guide

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