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Jordan Lawley has trusted Blendlogic Design for over 5+ years to help grow his brand and services through digital technologies


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Jordan Lawley has been a trusted partner with Blendlogic Designs since 2014. Jordan has benefited from many of the services provided by Blendlogic to help increase online exposure, monetize traffic and brand with Social Media. Here are a few highlights of JLAWBBALL partnership.

Bleeding Edge Technology

Jordan’s business was one of the first to LiveStream camps in partnership with Fest. Though the technology was primative, he was able to utilize the technology to brand and showcase his sessions

Integrated Events Calendar

Jordan has streamlined his business and offerings to his clients with an integrated events calendar directly hooked to PayPal. Jordan and his clients are notified of the upcoming sessions and has streamlined the purchasing process.

Market Research

Blendlogic works with Jordan to suggest the latest trends in digital marketing. This ranges from consultations on digital product launches, pricing and release strategy


Blendlogic has worked closely with Jordan to help with digital analytics from Social Media and website traffic. This insures delivering content and products based on Consumer Driven Marketing to provide the best offerings to fans of JLAWBBALL

The numbers

Over the years working with Blendlogic, Jordan along with countless others have seen growth in their business through implementation of digital technologies.

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% Increase

  • Conversion Rate – 90%
  • Return Users – 77%
  • Social Following – 85%
  • Online Revenue YOY- 45%


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