Kartra Review 2020 – How to make an online course

Feeling stressed with all the options to create a course online?

I’m here to help. From my 5 years of experience in Digital Marketing, and helping multiple business partners in the health and fitness space grow their online presence, I’m putting in the cycles MYSELF to grow my own brand. With clients like Jordan Lawley, David Nurse, Max McCoy, StarVizn, Phil Handy, Beneil Dariush and countless others… I’m going to reveal the winning strategy I’ve perfected over the years and report to you my best tips for making an online course in 2020.

The first name of the game is your SYSTEM. With all the options out there – I’ll share with you my go-to. Kartra

Kartra Review 2020

Now, if you aren’t in the mood for reading, I’ve created a Youtube video that I’ll link below:



If you are still here reading this, then congrats! You like watching and reading content.

Let’s get right into how Kartra can help you grow your online course by taking a look at its Campaign Import

Kartra Review 2020 – Campaign Imports

The name of the game is SCALING – and Kartra allows you to quickly import everything you would need to launch your online course. That means :

  • Landing Page
  • Email sequences
  • Membership Portal
  • Pay Portal

All of this, done in one simple function – Campaign Imports

In order to get here, after you sign up for Kartra with this linknavigate on the left menu to Campaigns, then simple click on Available Campaigns.

From there, you’ll be able to import the 23 assets provided from Kartra and plug and play you way directly to launching your course up ASAP.

Every single asset provided in this campaign is the minimum amount of assets you’ll need to launch the site. Most of the Pages will be used to setup selling your actual course, while the MAIN BULK of your content should be configured in the Membership Portal.


Kartra Review 2020 – Membership Portal

To configure the actual “course” part of the website, that is done in the navigation menu called “Membership”

Once you load the campaign assets, you can configure your Memberships and set the content that will be behind your your courses.

Most of this is explained in the video, but for readers out there I want to hit the main points :

  • In membership editor – you can setup as many topics and posts as you like for your course structure
  • Drip Feed can be an important way to monetize your online course



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Hope you enjoyed this write-up. It’s meant to be combined with the Youtube Video to give you full details and INSPIRATION on how to create an online course. Additionally, I am utilizing this to serve my SEO purposes and get traction from Kartra Review keywords.

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