Keys to Success – Gary Vaynerchuck

In this video, I share my take on how Gary Vaynerchuck reaches high levels of productivity and success by sharing clips and interviews showcasing his work ethic and mindset. He’s the CEO of VaynerMedia He started out helping his fathers wine business from $5 Million to over $60 million using e-commerce and email marketing.

So how does he do it? How can you be like Gary? The closest answer we have would be to follow Gary’s advice on success in our Keys to Success article on Gary Vaynerchuck. Ranked by our founder – Alan Nafarrete


The 6 Keys to Success – Gary Vaynerchuck

Be sure to watch the video below for the full version and context to the quotes that Elon Musk says. Now, here are take on how to implement these principles in your life!

1. Don’t Make Excuses  – Keys to Success – Gary Vaynerchuck –
Our Favorite Key – Make sure you are 100% fully aware that your current situation is because of the actions and decisions you have had in your life. You can experience pain and unjustice, but your reaction and actions from things should be what you can focus on. Everyone has a choice on what they focus on and that is the decision you make in life.


2. Have Patience – Keys to Success – Gary Vaynerchuck –
Nothing great comes easy. If you want to build a brand, build a business you have to enjoy the process… because it may take a while. While there are the very few that make it successful quickly, you also have to realize those who “appear out of nowhere” have been behind the scenes busting their ass.
Take Gary for example, though he is mainstream now, he has been giving speeches for over 6 years… behind the scenes to no other than TONY ROBBINS!.


3. Just Do It – Keys to Success – Gary Vaynerchuck –
Just watch the latest Nike Commercial.


4. Do Something With Your Life.- Keys to Success – Gary Vaynerchuck –
You only have one go around. Make it count.
From my experience, you will come across people wishing or hoping or thinking – It would be cool to have a Youtube Channel. It would be cool to have a business. It would be cool to ______
Don’t be like those people. Create the Channel. Create the business. There is no reason why you shouldn’t take full advantage of the opportunities in life that are presented forward to you. They just require effort and perseverance.


5. Just Execute – Keys to Success – Gary Vaynerchuck –
Ideas are the easy part. It is in the execution where winners are made. Everyone can think of ways to come up with a strategy, but when you finally start testing the market that is where you will find how your brand really stands. There has never been an opportunity where we can quickly rapid prototype ideas to the MASSES with Social Media Marketing and Ads. These serve as a feedback to the community that you can use to deliver the product they WANT.


6. Win Or Lose – Keys to Success – Gary Vaynerchuck –
You are either good enough or your aren’t there yet and have to keep practicing. But it’s better to step into the batting cage then on the sidelines wishing. Step into the arena and Win or Lose. It’s that simple. But losses are just L’s. They ARE YOUR L’S. And L is for learning. Once you enjoy the process, you can win in life. If you could have anything you wanted, you would be bored because it came to easy. Enjoying the process of getting the win is what you have to change your mindset towards. Start that project you have been putting on the back burner. Today is the day to chip away at your dreams.
Your dreams will never go away. You will just get better at your rationalization of why you couldn’t accomplish them. Remember that!


Want more Gary? Then you have to read his book. Crushing It. The Sequel to his first book Crush It. Trust me you don’t want to skip this over.

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The 6 Keys to Success – Gary Vaynerchuck Video


As always here is the video version with an intro from Alan!

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