Keys to Success – Simon Sinek

Breaking down Simon Sinek Keys to Success – THIS GUY ROCKS

Keys to Success - Simon Sinek

Whats up Blendlogic Family. I hope you guys are on your path to success. One thing that I always mention in my Facebook Group Live Calls is that you have to implement the mindset and work ethic of successful people to help your business grow. In this video, we are going to take a look at 10 videos by Simon Sinek and my breakdown/insight on them to help you guys out. Per usual, all these keys to success videos are aimed to help you guys TAKE ACTION TODAY

The 10 Keys to Success – Simon Sinek

Be sure to watch the video below for the full version and context to the quotes that Simon says (lol) The timestamp links work! They go to the video if you want to watch the full clip. (Also the links are in the description in Youtube)
All insights are written and provided by our Founder Alan Nafarrete

01 – [01:44] – Break the Rules

“The rule is this – you can go after whatever you want, you just cannot deny anyone else to go after whatever they want.”

If you lead with a pure heart and good intentions, you can break the rules (not the law). Your goal in life is to show people that they can have whatever they want in life if they work hard, stay consistent and provide value to the market. There are no gimmicks, hacks or shortcuts. You have to dedicate yourself to your craft and do whatever it takes to do it. By doing so (Be relentless) you will showcase to others and leave breadcrumbs for what it takes to become successful. If they can SEE with their own eyes what it took to accomplish it, those who are willing will have the permission to go after what they want as well.

02 – [05:47] – Train Your Mind

Life is about reps and sets. There is no other way around that. If you can EMBRACE THE SUCK then you can train your mind to stop thinking about a way out, or excuses or an EASY WAY OUT. There is no easy way out. There is no shortcut to success. Once you train your mind to realize this, it will work with you to give you the energy and motivation to execute on the things you have to do.

03 – [10:10] – Be Patient

There is no such thing as an INSTANT WIN. Everyone at the top went through a long Pain Period to grind and work on themselves to become what they are today. You have to realize that with every victory you see in the world, there will always be hidden losses that they don’t share with the world, where they were trying things out, getting booed off stage and just plain SUCKING. If you can put yourself in a position to get feedback, you will be on your way to success.

04 – [15:07] – Take Accountability


Once you can come to grips with that, you will be able to fully execute. Too many people put the quality of their life in other peoples hands or outside circumstances because it makes them feel better about the life choices they made. Whatever your situation is, you have to own up to it and realize that the best time to start improving is TODAY!!!

05 – [20:41] – Outdo Yourself

I got a good follow up to this coming next week on Kobe Bryant. If you can’t tell yet, I am a huge basketball fan and a huge Kobe fan. The work ethic it takes to get that level of excellence in your craft is something to be admired. The fact that I am already doing a VOL 2 on him should let you know how worked up I am about him.

There is no competition. There is no one else on the basketball court that is stopping you from getting buckets. There is only yourself, and the work you put in to train to make those buckets. The only person you have to beat, the only numbers you have to work against, the only Instagram followers you should be trying to reach, is BETTER/MORE than your reach yesterday.

06 – [27:10] – Stack the Deck

Create a loaded dice. Tell yourself you are going to win. Surround yourself with positive people. They will all help you reach your full potential.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

― Henry Ford

07 – [30:16] – Be the last to speak

Everyone should always have the mindset that they can learn. No one’s ego should ever be that big that they think they know EVERYTHING! There is always something you may not have thought of. There is always another angle to take. One benefit of speaking last is that you can LEARN FROM OTHERS before you decide to drop #VALUE. This was a big issue with me when I was first starting out in life, but now I am still working on it :p.

Part of the reason I bring on the interview series for you guys is so that YOU can learn from the people I bring on.

08 – [37:07] – Be Authentic

This will probably help you guys grow your business the MOST. You know when you hear people say in podcasts – Yo I LIKE YOU because you DONT CARE WHAT ANYONE ELSE THINKS!?!?!?!?

You may have heard that before about someone that is successful. It’s not that they don’t’ care what anyone else thinks, it is that they just have put in the work and the grind to realize that they can be their true selfs, have no fear about what people think about what they are doing because they are PUTTING IN THE WORK.

The PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING. Who is going to doubt you if you just keep showcasing the work you do. From a Business owner standpoint, who is going to criticize me (Alan Nafa speaking here) for trying to help the world by writing blog articles, creating videos, doing DAILY LIVE STREAMS all to help people reach success.  So, of course, I am comfortable and authetnic on the streams. I got nothing to hide. I am grinding away trying to help others. No shame. No need to record and edit. Just post it live.

That is what I am trying to have MANIFEST in you reader. That when you are aligned with the right foundation principals… you can take it to the next level too!!!

09 – [45:26] – Find Your Passion

This takes a while to do, but like I said in the video below (or click the time link in this article) You have to experiment and commit and get first hand experience before you can say if its your passion or not.

If you are reading this and feel like you haven’t found it yet, keep trying things. At least if you try it, you can say whether or not you enjoy it

10 – [52:37] – Start with WHY

I don’t even need to leave a paragraph here. Just watch the TED TALK and listen. This man speaks the #TRUTH

Video Version  – Keys to Success

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