Keys to Success – Tom Bilyeu

Breaking down Tom Bilyeu Path To Success

Keys to Success Tom Bilyeu

In this video, I share my take on how Tom Bilyeu reached massives levels of success. He is the co-founder of Quest Nutrition. Was Inc 500 fastest-growing company in 2014. Now he started a for-profit media company called Impact Theory

So how does he do it? How can you be like Tom? We have selected a few quotes and passages from Tom from various video interviews so you can get a better understanding of his mindset and implement these decision patterns into your brain TODAY. Be sure to check out our founder’s blog – Alan Nafarrete

The 6 Keys to Success – Tom Bilyeu

Be sure to watch the video below for the full version and context to the quotes that Elon Musk says. Now, here are take on how to implement these principles in your life!
1. Get BetterTom Bilyeu – Keys to Success
The world rewards those who deserve to be rewarded. The market rewards those that are at the TOP of their game. It’s that simple. If you are not getting the results that you want (Money, fame, views, likes, website traffic) it is NOT because you haven’t discovered the latest hashtag hacks, it’s NOT because your audience doesn’t exist on the right social channel. It’s because you haven’t put in the time to figure out how to get traffic, how to entertain, how to educate, how to motivate etc etc etc. (That is what this channels goal is, your business need to focus on your own). When you get better, you will eventually hit a point where you CANNOT be ignored. Until then… keep griding
2. Don’t Fear the PainTom Bilyeu – Keys to Success
One of the biggest factors that stop people from living the life of their dreams is because they are worried how HARD or how difficult it will actually be to do it. Pain is part of the process and life has its ups and downs. If you can accept that it is naturally to face pushback, then you can push past it. Find that piece you are passionate about and execute!
3. Adopt a Growth MindsetTom Bilyeu – Keys to Success
If you haven’t ready Mindset by Carol Dweck – STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING – and go order it from Amazon right NOW. This is ultimately the #1 mindset and rule or HACK that you are looking for to succeed in life. You have to realize that you have room to grow, that every day if you put deliberate practice into getting better at it, then YOU CAN ACHIEVE it and accomplish what you are seeking.
For alot of my basketball trainer clients, YOU CAN develop a website, YOU CAN get in front of a camera and offer value, YOU CAN get more clients. You have to work on yourself, get better and learn new things every day. Become 1% better EVERY DAMN DAY!
4. Change Your Identity –  Tom Bilyeu – Keys to Success
The stories of what you believe in yourself are what will govern what actions you take today. If you (and your subconscious) align and become a hard worker – then you will take action every day. If your identity is fine with browsing the internet, not taking steps/actions towards your dreams and vision, then you will continue to do so. You have to align yourself and your identity with who it is you want to become.
5. Don’t Be A Victim –  Tom Bilyeu – Keys to Success
Everyone has setbacks. Everyone can be victimized. But when you identify with being the victim, then you lose control of your life and your locus of control. As soon as you start focusing on WHAT YOU CAN
Check out this video about Sphere of Influence

6. BelieveKeys to Success
If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?
The thing that has helped me take action is thinking about times I have accomplished things when I thought it was IMPOSSIBLE.
When I was in 6th grade I couldn’t even LIFT THE F**KING bench bar (45 lbs) I got laughed at and just thought damn… I am just weak. But as I kept going to the gym, I got stronger, and my muscles did as well. Later in life, when I was trying to get a better physique, I thought it was IMPOSSIBLE to get the aeshetics I wanted. I would go to the gym and workout – workout – workout. But I wasn’t getting anywhere. Then I would notice that the guys (or gals) that were YOLKED AF were the people that were in the gym CONSISTENTLY. I reframed my mindset and went in consitently and have been getting good results.
Once you start realizing and focusing on how you HAVE changed and how you BELIEVED in yourself, then you can start applying that to any other challenging areas in your life.
That is why I am such a big fan of personal fitness and usually work with people in that space (most of my clients are personal fitness brands). They understand that your body is the thing you can control, then your mind, then you can control YOUR BUSINESS.
If you have low self-confidence, then hit the gym.
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