Kobe Bryant WORK ETHIC – Kobe Keys to Success Vol 2

Kobe Bryant Work Ethic - Keys to Success vol 2

From the mind of Kobe Bryant…. #KeysToSuccess

Curious as to how hard one must work to make it happen? Let’s take a look at 10 examples and quotes from Kobe Bryant.

This series is something I have worked on, with the first one being on Tom Brady with his series he released at the time Tom vs Time. As I started studying others success, I saw that others could get value in posting my takes on what makes others successful. I think utilizing a different framepoint or mindset could help you guys implement those into your life and manifest the success into your lives.

We are going to take a look now at the Youtube Video review I did on Kobe Bryant, and how you can take his 10 Keys to Success and implement it into your game. Each one of these should hopefully inspire you to see Kobe Bryant Work Ethic involved and what it would take to reach success in your craft.

Kobe Bryant Work Ethic – 10 Keys to Success

Love The Game

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Kobe talks about his passion and love for the game. For Kobe, he mentions in various interviews how he likes the smell of the ball, the sound the net makes, the court noises… etc. To those who do not LOVE BASKETBALL (GET OUT!!!) you have to understand that sometimes you get appreciation and love for things after you get involved in them.

I believe most people describe the love of sports/activities due to how it gets them into FLOW STATE. Once you can find something that challenges you, and you are consistently able to rise to the challenge, you will eventually fall in love with the activity.

For sports, most of the time, there is always another level you can take it. Another angle or move you can bust out and another type of shot you can work on.

Find New Challenges

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This one is important. If you are going to take your life to the next level, you must realize that there is NEVER A VICTORY. There will always be a way you can challenge yourself and look to raise your bar higher. Once you commit to always striving for better, you recognize that everday is an opportunity to hone your crafts and really take it to the next level.

For my own business, I started pushing the boundaries in which content I could post. I started a Digital Marketing Ballers group which I have been posting 3 livestreams a week. With that, I also decided to recommit to posting Motivational Blend and Keys to Success videos. As I continue working on my progress, I can see ways in which I can present the material better, by using technologies like Google Slides and Zoom



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First, buy and read this book. After you finish, then come back and rewatch what Kobe says on it and also my takes.

If you are going to be involved in whatever you are doing at the time, you might as well have the mindset and the mentality to be 100% focused on that task at hand. By practicing focus and presence of mind, you can start reverse engineering what it would take to become better at that craft. Because the Keys to Success can transfer to ANY OTHER INDUSTRY, then you can take your insights on what you are involved and bring it back to your Passion and your Craft that you are going to crush it.

This is something that has helped me grow my business. If you look at my earlier content, I did not like writing, I did not like doing “work” and I pretty much avoided it. But after working on it and learning that I can present the content however I wanted to, then I realized that I can learn style, learn elements of writing and what I could do to help grow my business.

Now, I treat every article as a public journal that I can refer back to and remember the keys to success for myself, on what it takes to become great and I use the videos and articles to continue to work on my craft and inspire my clients/ coworkers to become 100% committed to excellence themselves.

Follow Your Passion

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My take on this is pretty straightforward. If you have self awareness, you might start noticing that certain things lose their flavor. This is something that happened to me. I started realizing that… maybe I don’t like certain types of recreation, but I do like this or that. So I just started focusing on the things that I enjoyed, and luckily some of those things had some form of competitive aspect behind it.

As I got deeper and deeper into my passions, I started realizing the only competition there was with my self and the type of person I was. My advice to anyone reading this is to just go all in with the things that SPARK A LIGHT in your eyes. Alot of systems and frameworks in place make people not chase that feeling. I give you permission to go for it.

As long as your intentions are pure, you’re doing good for the group, then you can break the rules.. not the laws, but the rules set on you on what you should and shouldn’t be able to do. Show them what is possible

Find Mentors

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This is probably the only hack/shortcut in life that I have found to be 100% true. If you let yourself RISE to challenges, you will start using peer pressure and social pressure to help rise and improve yourself.

If you seek out people who are doing something that you think is cool, try to see if they would provide you insight onto how they got the things you think you want in life. They can give you straightforward advice on what you could be doing and then leverage that to take your life to the next level.

Outwork Everyone

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This is the definitive interview snippet that showed Kobe Bryant Work Ethic.

This is basically it. Look at what the people at the top are doing, and see if there are ways you can improve upon it. The amazing thing about today’s modern world and the opportunity that exists is that you can see EXACTLY what people at the top are doing.

There are too many Youtube Videos, motivational videos, and content out there that showcase to you people telling you exactly what they did to take it to their level. Wake up at 4am? If you think that is weird, start hanging outwit people that do it. Then see how much extra time they have to dedicate to their passions and then just let that manifest and rub off on you so that you start doing that as well.

Have Patience

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Nothing comes quick. You have to be willing to invest the time, the grind and the will to make it happen.

In terms of Digital Marketing, Google SEO is OPEN TO ANYONE. The only thing that stops people is the belief that they could learn enough SEO, write enough SEO articles to finally start getting traction to get website traffic to their website. Most of the time, people want the shortcut, and then you start getting people paying for Facebook ads/Youtube Ads, before they even know how to captivate and entertain their traffic. Some times part of Kobe Bryant Work Ethic, is to not always be working, but to be willing to have the patience to wait for the results to manifest. Remember, muscles aren’t made in the gym, they are made in your sleep when you are resting.


Don’t Fear Failure

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There is only Wins and Learns. Everything you do is a way to improve upon yourself and your craft and test out and see if your current methodologies are working, or if you have to try something different.

Take a look at the latest videos I did from the Slopes of Denver. I attempted to do a Livestream from Copper Mountain, but the technology just wasn’t there yet. I used my iPhone to make Google slides and posted it to the group. That is not a failure that I couldn’t get the livestream working. I learned some things I would have to do, so that next time I need to make content and don’t have a computer, I always realize that I can contribute to the group by using my iPhone and making a presentation for people to get the confidence to succeed as well.

Just Keep Going

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If you love what you are doing every day, why would you stop? Just because people don’t agree with you or see the output, you have to decide what to do and how to execute on it. Just take the small low hanging fruits, then realize if you kept up on it, the front side loaded model will pay off.

For example, in my “I AM a BALLER” Digital Marketing Group – by making content for your tribe, you will find that you can make videos, articles and content for your clients to consume. Because they are already paying customers, this will be an added bonus that they could enjoy. The beauty of digital marketing is that it also allows ANYONE to see it, even non paying customers. The value of non paying customers watching it is that if your content is good (you will keep practicing it until you get good) then you can turn that traffic (non paying customers — notice that reframe) into paying customers.

The next level as a Basketball Trainer is to make content that doesn’t require your time. If you can sell them a course/ a video series, a training course – then you realize that it is INFINITYLY SCALABLE. Therefore, you can have a 4-hour course be sold to 100 people, and capitalize on scaling.

This opportunity didn’t exist in the past. It’s up to you to capitalize on it. If you take anything form this article on Kobe Bryant Work Ethic, you must learn that sometimes, you have to believe in yourself and just keep on keeping on. Even if you pivot your path, you must have confidence that you can train your brain to see success and work towards whatever that is for you. Whatever is the highest, truest form of expression for you. Do that.

Create Something Timeless

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Check out this book. Don’t get paralyzed by perfectionalism. These are things you will have to battle in your head, perfection vs putting your BEST CONTENT OUT at the time.

Some people will not post any content, because they are too afraid that people won’t like it. So their ego protects them by saying “it has to be perfect”. If you take a chapter out of the MINDSET BOOK , you will see that everyone great started out good, and before they were good they were decent. Before they were decent, they were OK, and before that they were BAD.

We all start somewhere, do not let your fear of failure stop you from putting content and reaching success that you could get.



Kobe Bryant Work Ethic – Insights from his Keys to Success

Take your business to the next level. Find Mentors. Connect with people.

If you are a basketball trainer or looking to become a baller in digital marketing, then check out my Facebook Group. I am putting my latest and greatest training in that group.

You only get one life. Make the most of it. It’s never too late to learn this stuff. I promise you. I just got into it late 2015, but there is room for everyone! You just have to commit to excellence and put in the work. Stop looking or seeking for someone or something that will hand you the answer to life. You have it inside you already. You just have to grind and work on your craft. We can all have Kobe Bryant Work Ethic, we just have to put in the work.



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