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Hey fellow business owner,

Are you tired of spinning your wheels, putting long hours into new projects that you think will be your breakthrough into success – but then when you launch it ends up falling flat? Tired of the marketing team collecting surveys after survey and trying to use the latest survey apps to get to the answer? Tired of blaming your marketing team launching that next “6 – Figure Funnel”  – but then it fails to deliver?

What gives???

We’d be willing to bet that most problems come down to one problem and one problem only.


And perhaps your businesses lack understanding of what your CUSTOMERS REALLY WANT.

Well fear no more fam, I connected with a startup based on Boston that is going to revolutionize the way you get to know your customer. I had the honor of interviewing CEO – Jim Schwoebel who has been making rounds in the VC/Startup world and is launching his newest venture – SurveyLex

What’s so great about SurveyLex

I’m glad you asked. If you haven’t been familiar with the latest in Technology, the quick answer is Machine Learning and Neural Networks. The attached links can get you caught up in how this emerging technology can help you deliver quality content/products that your customers are CRAVING FOR.

Upon testing this SurveyLex (which you can sign up for right HERE) – you are presented with a simple interface that matches most survey software apps out there. (Our team used Feedier in the past)
If you have already created a Survey (we have been testing this software since BETA) you will see all your available surveys and the feedback response from it.

The power is in the Voice Computation software that can help you get insight into your customers’ voice and learn things about them that you wouldn’t necessarily be able to know.
Here is an example of the software analysis of a LIVE DEMO survey you can take RIGHT HERE

Surveylex - Survey Software Capabilities


So… whats so cool about the above picture? It’s just like any other Survey App

Well if you clicked the SURVEY LINK – you would see what was collected. Just voice questions.

(From the first question – Refer to this video)

Well, not exactly – If you have looked into Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud API you would see the existing models that are capable from their technology (I believe Amazon AWS has some cool tech too)

The answer put simply for you business owner is that Technology can allow us to learn certain speech patterns and utilize that information. (Ever heard of people talking CRAZY TALK – So have we ) – Journal Article

So how can your marketing team leverage this cool tech?

We’ll to answer that – let’s see what I do for my business and my clients

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK 101 – Why we use Survey Apps

Survey App - Feedier Dashboard

So above is a picture from Feedier of some Surveys (they call them Carriers) on our internal surveys as well as our hosting client surveys (Drew Lasker)

So as you can see, We got high marks for a Web Design (we started as web design company) and our newer ventures with Business Strategy/Digital Marketing – just have a Average score (B… Gotta get them A’s man)

Our current model for understanding what to deliver is to simply ask our existing customers what they liked and what we could do to improve and make a better product. So from our latest client we crushed – Mark My Roots – we would simply send their team a survey and see their response. It’s served us well, but I (Alan Nafarrete) am a TECH ENTHUSIAST and always love seeing whats “just around the river bend

That’s why my team and I are SO EXCITED about the interview and demo we saw yesterday on the Video Blog. This tech will definitely change the game in terms of how you can utilize predictive analytics to create products and services that will serve your customers needs.

How can I use this Tech – Choosing the right Survey App

SurveyLex is definitely new tech and they are still working on their product.

From a business owner to business owner standpoint, I will be split testing Feedier and SurveyLex to gauge my client responses. Feedier has some really cool marketing integrations that you could use to ping your audience – such as Rewards and Engagements

We have been investing with Feedier for some time now, so that we can offer Referral bonuses when we ping our EXISTING CLIENTS, as well as ask for engagements – such as leaving a testimonial, leaving a review (Perfect for Amazon Sellers or Drop Shippers), or even getting a coupon! A nice way to reward your clients for giving you feedback that will HELP YOU MASSIVELY in the long run (seriously, if you aren’t asking your previous clients what you are doing WRONG and RIGHT…. all I got say is …. DO IT)

Survey App - Feedier Rewards
Feedier Reward Features

Also Feedier has Templates that they provide that can make it easier to get started from scratch (Especially if your Marketing team needs a boost! – Give us a call 😛 )

Survey App - Feedier Templates
Feedier Template Dashboard

Feedier is free to try (1 survey) and then starts at $59.99 a month. (DEFINITELY WORTH THE INVESTMENT)
For you marketers reading this looking to stay swag with your company – It has everything you need. ZAPIER, SMS, EMAILS, Custom Domains and Links

As for SurveyLex – They are definitely still building that process and the direction they are heading. From a marketing standpoint the UI is definitely CLEAN, but as a Digital Marketing company, we gotta say that some of the content needs to be built out.

Don’t get me wrong, collecting voice samples/transcriptions is AMAZING. Then the integration with Sentiment Analysis will change the GAME for how you do your ticketing system.
(Imagine using SurveyLex to collect tickets, and then sorting by ANGER LEVELS, so that you can put out all those fires in your business. Nobody likes angry customers. Also ANGRY CUSTOMERS don’t like it when they have to wait for a response.)

The roadmap for development cycle looks good. It’s in the works. I can update the article when it is publically available. But SURVEYLEX is 100% free right now during this trial. Definitely a good tool to add to the toolbox.

Survey App - SurveyLex Voice Response
SurveyLex Transcription and Voice Analysis

The transcription of the audio is pretty clean as well. (I believe using existing Google Voice APIs). Also what analysis that is done of the voice collected remains to be seen. However, from my talk with Jim, I have a positive outlook how this can definitely help business owners crush it #GARYV style.

You have to segment your audience. Your messaging. You should be speaking differently to your customers that are in their twenties, vs customers that are in their 50s.

Conclusion – Links and VLOG

There Are Three Types of People: Those Who Make Things Happen, Those Who Watch Things Happen, and Those Who Wonder What Happened

There you have it, folks. I don’t believe I have done a review on other survey app software, I have been searching in the past for them, and the BEST I came across was Feedier. THEN JIM WENT AND MADE SOMETHING COOL, so I have to do a comparison article.

TLDR; If you are a business owner and you haven’t collected customer feedback yet, start with Feedier. If you are are an Innovator or Early Adopter (Book Reference) and like using the latest tech and how it could give your business a competitive advantage, then get your marketing team onboard with SurveyLex.

Links to the Survey Apps

Shameless plug for my Vlog (vblog)



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