Steph Curry’s Success – Implement these mindsets TODAY

Success is not an accident

Like any successful person, many will assume that he is lucky to be in that position, has natural talent, didnt have to struggle to get in that position. We often make these judgements because it plays into the narrative we tell ourselves of why we did not make it ourselves. However, if you look deep enough, and reverse engineer success, you can find that many of these statements are false. From these foundations, Steph Curry has had plenty of accomplishments, ranging from 2X Kia MVP Award winner, 2x NBA Championship and has broken many 3 point records. Definitely a high achiever.

Success leaves clues, and Foundations of Success is here to show you the way. In today’s episode, we look at Steph Curry

Steph Curry’s Success – Foundations of Success


1. Be the Hardest Working Person

Like other’s we have studied (Kobe, Arnold, Tom Brady, Will Smith) – they all share this one trait – you never want to leave a stone unturned. Will Smith breaks it down in his mindset of what makes him successful – “If we got on a treadmill and competed on who would run longer, I would die before getting off before you.” When you implement this mindest, you will put everything you have to become the best version of your craft that you can be

2. Visualize Your Goals

They say seeing is believing. When you visualize your goals, and event the benefits that come from it, you can lay a roadmap of what you have to do to get there. Kobe talks about this in his video, where he says its interesting when people are surprised you “made it” because you have been putting in the work and just thinking about it for the longest time.
Try implementing a vision board to help get your vision started.

3. Be Creative

Sometimes the path to success is not clearly laid out. But combine the previous point of visualization and being creative, and you can forge your own path to success. As Arnold says, “Break the rules, not the law.” A lot of times when people say it’s not possible isn’t because it is not physically possible, but because the person who states it doesn’t believe in himself or will commit himself to making it happen. But just because they don’t believe, doesn’t mean its impossible for YOU.

4. Stay Confident

Life will give you up’s and downs. But you have to be mentally tough to stay positive and confident to take the next shot. When you put in the work, don’t shoot yourself out of trying again. Always take the shot!

5. Work on Yourself Everyday

Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all round. Don’t waste the time that life gives you. WORK ON YOU EVERY DAY. No one else will make you become a better version but yourself. If you want to become a better basketball shooter, then put in the time at the gym. If you want to play Fur Elise then sit down on the bench and put in the time. DO THIS NOW IF YOU WANT Steph Curry’s Success level.

6. Have an Upbeat Personality

I have always found that life is much better when you have a positive attitude about everything. Whether it is my hardwiring, or just a mindset choice, life become much easier when you realize how precious it is to be alive. So don’t complain, don’t become a victim. Life is good. You just have to see it that way.

7. Be the Best Version of Yourself

Ultimately, I believe the purpose of life is to improve. No other purpose in my life so far has given me motivation and inspiration to work then realizing that every amazing feat I have seen from humans is due to those people choosing to become better physically, mentally and emotionally. When you realize that everything is in your control, life becomes like a video game, and you want to max out all your stats! Definitely, a must have if you want to have Steph Curry’s Success

8. Actions Speak Louder than Words.

Don’t just talk about it. Show people. Curry has injured his ankles too many times to count. But he put the work in the gym to come back time and time again. Don’t just say you are going to make your next blog, or your next youtube video, but get that camera out. Get out the pen and paper. WRITE THE BLOG. FILM THAT VIDEO. EDIT THAT VIDEO. DO IT NOW. It’s what Steph Curry’s Success mindset woul dhave you do.

How to be a high achiever? Implement this today

That’s all my thoughts on Steph Curry’s Success habbits that are in this episode of Foundations of Success. Check out the bonus content and thoughts below in my blog video below!

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