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Everyone Starts Somewhere – Always room for Improvement

Whether you are on a fitness journey, a business journey or implementing new things in your life, everyone starts somewhere. When I first started my entrepreneur journey, I had ideas and visions of being in a top space for fitness. I learned websites, marketing, networking and reached out to the top people in the industry that I knew to help create an awesome product. This article aims to show you how to improve yourself in digital marketing, but also to hopefully translate it to all areas of your life!

But for a long time, I was held back from making content because I always compared myself and my product to what the others in the space were doing. Does this sound familiar to you? See, something that helped me overcome this inaction was realizing that everyone who has accomplished anything in life started somewhere.

When I was in 6th grade, I took my first weight-lifting class and man was it bad. I could barely lift the bar. However, luckily for me, besides some jokes about my skinny arms, people reached out to me and imprinted in my brain that everything comes with effort and time. Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t just born massive with huge muscles, he put the time in the gym to get to where he was at. He put in the work to get the improvement.


You are in constant beta – constant improvement cycles

Something I bring up in the video and that I cover on my Academy Live Streams is the idea of constant beta. In the book, The Startup of YouReid Hoffman presents the idea that your life is like a constant beta. For those unfamiliar with the programming space, most digital products have alpha and beta phases where they invite users to test the program, looking for bugs, so that they can fix it.

If you implement this mindset in your life, you can overcome “paralysis by analysis” and take action for your business, life or area you are seeking to improve. By realizing that your first product is supposed to “be improvable”, you can overcome the fear of rejection or ridicule and leverage these emotions to put a product out that you can build upon. As you are continually making products and working to improve them, you will realize that you will always being somewhere, but where you put your attention to, energy flows. As you create your digital marketing platform, your social media pages, your video brandings, you will start off with one product but naturally will get better with it over time.

Implementing the Hustle Mindset

One thing I talk about in the video, are the ideas from the book Deep Work is that your brain has brain residue . In the book, Cal mentions that when you switch between Task A and Task B, you still have neurons firing on the previous task you were accomplishing. Something that I leverage this information that I talk about in the video is how you should implement a hustle mindset or Perfect Practice mindset, in which you don’t allow for your brain to build the muscle that to think its ok to do things casually. If you put 100% in every activity you do, you will build up this focus muscle in your brain and it will bleed out into every area of your life.
As the quote goes – “How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything ”

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