THE YEAR OF DO – Fiverr Marketing Campaign Breakdown


The Year of DO

Fiverr has decided to make 2018 the Year of Do. I couldn’t be more stoked. As the owner of a digital marketing agency, I am all about the hustle (#GaryV) and everything I can learn and do to help my clients and viewers get the most out of life and their businesses. With my bias, I believe 100% that digital marketing is the future for all businesses, and if you do not adapt you will die.

So without further ado, let’s get into the breakdown of the Fiverr campaign starting with their video ads.

Getting Shit Done – The Year of DO


As you can see from the Ad and my breakdown there are alot of key elements at play here. At heart, this is a Brand Video Awareness type ad, in which Fiverr is looking to transition from the $5 and cheap freelancer to an Entrepreneur, Silicon Valley necessity service. In that, they are playing on the DIY and bootstrap mentality that is popular along most lean startups in the valley.

Part of building your Brand Video having the elements of your business broken down and detailed so that you can showcase it clearly and distinctly in the video creation process. For those unfamiliar with Fiverr, it is a site where you can hire Freelancers to do….almost…. anything.

In the video, they showcase the site being used to do everything most new businesses would need:

  • Logo
  • Website
  • Marketing

Key Element – Humor

Right off the bat, the ad hits you with humor. They present a little girl having her idea rejected with the voiceover stating “My little sister has ideas as well”. Here they are building and highlight the disconnect between thinkers and do’ers. The rest of the ad plays on this, showcasing for the Do’ers what is possible with their service

Key Element – Sex Appeal

In this version listed, they showcase “being available” with the humor element that for your business, even during sex you should be available to run your business….LOL.

Anyways, as I break it down in the video, pretty much this aspect is being utilized in everything you see now. Think Game of Thrones, original Netflix series, anything you can think of, they are using this as an effective hook.

Key Element – Split Testing

If you watch my video, you can see multiple ways in which Fiverr is split testing their content. They have made/recorded multiple takes of their ad and are just constantly making new versions or contents of their ad.

This is definitely a must for any business to make it in the Digital Marketing era. You want to be split testing EVERYTHING. Ads, websites, videos, social media posts. Everything should be analyzed and reviewed.

Actionable Steps

Hopefully, now that you are aware of what others are doing in the space, you can implement these strategies for your business and your own digital marketing needs. Should you need help, you can always contact Fiverr  Blendlogic and our services to help you with your strategy or fulfillment roles. Remember guys, Dreaming is just thinking, so lets DO and make this year… The Year of Do.

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