Tom vs Time – Foundations of Success

Foundations of Success – Tom vs Time

The second installment of the Foundations of Success series comes to you one month after the original installment. I have been busy the past days with client fulfillment, but I wanted to continue off the feedback and DM’s that you guys have hit me on my social tags.

This episode focuses on these 5 takeaways:

  • Build Upon Strengths
  • Be Teachable
  • Build Successful Habits
  • Learn from Losses
  • Earn it everyday!


Tom vs Time Key Points

Build Upon Strengths

From Peter Druckers book : Managing Oneself, the key takeaway I took from the book is discovering your strengths in life and executing and optimizing your life around those strengths. From the very beginning of the series, you can see how Tom Brady has double downed on his lack of strength and coordination and focused on his inner character of leadership and laser-like focus. Implementing this in your life, you can leverage your strengths and improve your weaknesses. If you are more fitness-prone, I have found that sometimes they lack the technical skills for devloping websites or implementing digital marketing strategies. If you find that you need some help, you can check out my courses on The Academy. For those who are more technical, I have found most clients I take on to either be lacking in confidence or even fitness. For that I recommend taking up a musical instrument where you are forced to perform. Additionally, you can check out various fitness classes and courses like ClassPass or my personal favorite – Fest

Be Teachable

Probably one of the most fundamental pillars in life that I have found a common trait is to always be learning. Once you believe you know everything, or are a master, you close yourself off to opportunities to learn and innovate. Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Steph Curry, all of the greats, surrounded themselves with masters and teachers. You will find that some people are better in some areas of your life than you are, and if that is the case, you should leverage them as inspiration or opportunity to learn from them. Don’t be like most people who think they know it all, or that the teachers are not there for your best interest. I have found that those people, or when I used to have thoughts like that, are stunting their own growth because they would rather pump their ego then become better at their craft.

Build Successful Habits

Tom vs Time on Building Successful Habits

As you can see from my last Livestream on The One Thing Gary Keller stresses the importance of building habits. It takes about 66 days to build a habit, but after you go through the initial hurdle of starting the habit, you will find it easier and easier as you do it. Something my girlfriend and I have been doing is building habits every month. Last month was working out constantly in the morning, this month its giving up deserts. The next month it will be calorie control (We are going to try to give up rice…. but being Asian and Brazillian…. this might be tough lol )

You can check the latest livestream here:
Blendlogic Livestream

Note: The livestreams are part of the The Baseline VIP package that I offer in my course. If you are viewing this livestream past 03/30/2018 it has since moved on to another book that I have covered. All the replays are part of the VIP package

Learn from Losses

One of the best things from the Tom vs Time series is showcase how you should always treat life as experiences and a journey. When you frame it this way, there is no right or wrong way to do things and everything is just an experience that you are meant to go through. Yes, you should strive for greatness and dedicated your life to a craft, yes there are certain steps you should do to improve faster, but in the end you have to realize that life is an experience and to not think it is the “end of the world” if success doesn’t happen immediately. As you can see from Tom Brady‘s reaction to his first Super Bowl loss, he always takes his L’s as an experience and lesson to be learned. When I implemented this strategy in my life, it got me over the fear of failure and becoming open to experiences, whether they had a negative or positive emotion to me, I still had to experience it first hand. I found that having those reference points were far better serving me in my life then imagining what could be.

Earn it everyday

Success is not given. Just because you want to make it doesnt mean it will happen immediately. If you study the greats, you will see they dedicated hours, years, decades to their craft. They didnt always get it on the first try, but when you become vindicated and relentless to pursuing the best out of yourself and your craft, you can continue on your journey.

Tom vs Time Conclusion

For those of you starting your digital marketing journey, I say start now. Your first product/first launch will not be your best product! But you can always improve and always learn from the journey and the process in it. Even with this second episode, you can see how drastically different the presentation is. My first video was just an hour long rant/watch party where I viewed the second episode. This second one was more structured and broken down.

As promised from the video, if you signup with the email I will send you the PDF of the Notability I took from the video and for making this video. You can leverage this to see how to storyboard, or just how you can learn from everything and everyone. Every day is a new opportunity! Let’s get it!


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