Use DSLR as webcam – 2020 Updated Guide

How to use your DSLR as a Webcam

In this article, we are going to cover the hardware, software and recording tips to user your DSLR Camera as a webcam. This guide is an updated 2020 version of our last guides that you can find linked right below:

Virtual Cam OBS Plugin – How to get your DSLR as WebCam


Blackmagic Design Ultrastudio Mini Recorder Review – How to Stream with your DSLR

The 2020 guide is updated with newer hardware recommendations, videos and recording tips.


How to use your DSLR as a Webcam – Video Version

As always, if you are looking to get a video breakdown of everything covered below – you can watch the Youtube video above!

How to use your DSLR as a Webcam – Hardware Recommendations


Since I have have been filming content connected to OBS Software since 2015, I have had the chance to review various hardware that you would need. The first thing you will need is a DLSR.

There are plenty of good review online on the camera I have (A600) I will leave review links below. Additionally, to have that nice “YouTube focus effect” you will need a good lens – A quick review I did on what I use LENS REVIEW

In the video, I don’t go into much reviews on which DSLR to choose, but I have been eying on upgrading my A6000 to use it as a B-Roll Camera and upgrading to a Sony A6400. I found this buying guide helpful in my decision.

Note: There are other cameras in 2020 that you could buy, but since I already have some lens that are compatible, I have decided to stay in the Sony Family

Camera Capture Card

In the above blog posts, I had reviewed the BlackMagic Mini Ultra Studio Recorder, but had since moved on to using the Elgato HD 60S. Both serve similar functions, though if I were to buy in 2020, I would recommend the Blackmagic ATEM MINI PRO . That will probably be my next upgrade, but there are severe limitations to the HD60S.

For one, on MacOS, it does not detect as a webcam because it is not a UVC. The webcam functionality only works on Windows, which is why I am recording the video above in Bootcamp.

Additionally, if you are starting in 2020 to make podcasts, record online content, or are remote – the BlackMagic ATEM MINI PRO supports multiple camera inputs so you will be future proof. For me, because I am getting another camera, I will probably have to upgrade to support my multicamera operation.

A good review which made this my GO TO BUY for 2020


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