Reticular Activating System – Raise Your Focus!

What is the Reticular Activating System

The Reticular Activating System (RAS) is the part of your brain that helps with your attention or focus. It is particularly useful for filtering information, particularly for what you are hearing versus your subconscious mind.

How to use the RAS

In the video, I describe ways you can utilize the RAS to help take action in life. Particularly, what I want to mention is how your brain is formed to have a negativity bias. With that, I mean that you are primed to want to avoid negative in your life, even at the expense of having a potentially greater positive side. Your brain wants you to exist in order to continue to exist and is not so much worried about positive sides to whichever activity you are considering achieving.

To help you advance in business and trying new things, I like to leverage previous reference points of times when I had a nervous or anxious moment because I thought it was really nerve-wracking. Things that come to mine are thinking about asking a girl to prom, trying out for a sports team, pitching to become President of my honor society. Because I experienced those things, and came out find on the other end, I leverage those reference points to help me the next time I feel something is uneasy or anxious about something.

Practice to escape the negative mindset – Resetting your Reticular Activating System

Alot of what we see in media outlets leverages the human bias to be aware of negativity. A way to escape this conditioning is to just disconnect from the sources you choose. I recommend taking a break from watching major news outlets, any negative people in your life and just disassociate from it. Afterwards, try to prime your brain to focus on positive. Listen to positive mantras and meditations to help you realize the good in the world and in your life. As you practice this, you will start to see all the positive things in the world, your RAS will start seeing the positive in things and you will start living life with a more comfortable and appreciative mentality.

Moving Forward with a Positive Frame – Prime your Reticular Activating System

Like anything in life, if you practice something you can accomplish it. For those who are familiar with this practice, you may be further along than others who are just starting. As you start getting into a Positive Mindset Frame, don’t completely let go of looking out for negative. It is imperative for your Reticular Activating System to notice the positive, but logically think and analyze fully before moving into any position. There are positives and negatives in the world, and hopefully, by practicing this you are able to see things in a frame where negative consequences are paired accurately against positive consequences. Moving forward to start your business, to put yourself out there in digital marketing, you will realize it is not the hugest deal to record yourself and make content. If you want to have a positive impact and create a business that helps people, you are going to have to put yourself out there.

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