Virtual Cam OBS Plugin – How to get your DSLR as WebCam

Curious how to get the clearest webcam for your consultations? We show you how we set it up for ourselves and our clients

If you have ever been in our consultation sessions or watched our free ones on Youtube, you will see how Alan “Webcam” looks really crisp? Want to have a really crisp camera as well for your Skype calls or Youtube Podcast series? We will show you how with these simple steps.

The Camera – The DSLR

The first thing you will need is a DSLR Camera that has at least a lens of around F 2.0. We have found through our tests that this aperture setting is the most ideal for the “Bokkeh effect” or the blur effect that most mobile phones are trying to mimic. You can see the comparison in the picture below:

DSLR as WebCam - Bokkeh effect

We find that in our testing, the sweet spot is from 1.8 to 2.4 as this gives you a good focused Bokkeh effect, but also isn’t so small that the subject has to be “PERFECTLY FOCUSED”. What we mean is that when you have a smaller F stop (or aperture) the subject has to be the perfect distance from the camera, and if he is too far or too close, he will appear blurred out himself. This can be a MAJOR PROBLEM when doing Skype sessions, especially if you are moving around a bit.  We have our settings turned at F/ 2.0 pretty much all the time for our Youtube Videos. — DSLR as WebCam

The Equipment – Connecting the DSLR to the PC

There are tons of ways you can connect your DSLR to your PC. Each camera should have a HDMI output, and so now the only equipment you need is a HDMI to PC Capture Card. We have provided links to ones we recommend, depending on your use case.

We have a Desktop, and decided to go with a 4K capture card that uses a PCI slot. If you don’t typically build or tinker with computers, the other options would be better.

Desktop Capture Card

The one we have in our rig – Intensity 4K

Laptop/Mobile Setups

Magewell USB – There are tons of mobile cards out there now on Amazon, but this is one we have tested with our buddies here in ATL.

Roland VR Switcher – This is a newer device that just came out, and we are looking to invest in it. This would help in mobile setups/livestreams – in which the camera would automatically be switched based on the Audio/Video signals.

Once you have one of these cards, you simply connect it to your PC, connect the HDMI out from the DSLR to the HDMI in of the capture card and its time to get the SOFTWARE

The OBS- VirtualCam Plugin – DSLR as WebCamDSLR as WebCam - OBS VirtualCam 1

So, something we found from testing these devices is that for the most part, it never just worked with Skype/Zoom or any video conferences software out of the box. Luckily, OBS provides a nifty VirtualCam Plugin that you can use to set as a Virtual Webcam that can be picked up by Skype/Zoom or the video software.

What we do is we have one instance of OBS streaming the Video and set this as the Virtual Camera 1. Then we will create another version of OBS (We use Streamlabs OBS) to do the recording, video switching, and anything that needs to be outputted.

We simply capture the Video Capture from the OBS Virtual Cam in Slobs, and its just good to go just like any other webcam in.

DSLR as WebCam - OBS Virtual Cam 2


That should rap up what you will need to do to get that DSLR as WebCam. After you get the Virtual Cam plugin outputting, you simply go to the web conferencing software, go to the video settings and choose OBS-Camera1

Let us know if you have any questions on this guide. We are always looking to improve our content. Be sure to check out the Youtube for the full explanation (Video uploading shortly) to help you get your  DSLR as WebCam on Windows or Mac.


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