What is a VSL – Complete Analysis of ILB Squeeze Page

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Whats up guys, hope you are excited in what I am about to share with you. I have found the best way to illustrate how one should be building their business is to be modeling and breaking down the success of others. per usual, lets start with the Video Breakdown then get into the article

What is a VSL – Video Analysis

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Article Breakdown

A VSL is a Video Sales Letter that is placed on a squeeze page that when properly leveraged together with a Squeeze Page, can help increase conversions to pages and funnels by up to 50% by just having the VSL alone.

There are alot of marketing angles that I believe Coach Rocky is doing from I Love Basketball and lets take a look at some of them now

Qualifying Leads


If you watch Coach Rocky’s video that he has on http://ilovebasketballtraining.com, you will see that he leads off with qualifying his prospects by saying that he only wants to work with SERIOUS PLAYERS ONLY. One of the reasons he does he does this is he wants his leads to filter themselves out. By doing so, he actually saves time in working/contacting players, parents and coaches, and only works with people who want to learn and want to train.

Additionally, by utilizing this tactic, he also puts the burden of responsibility on the viewer. The viewer has a choice of deciding if they want to use the course/lessons or not. By giving them a choice, he holds them accountable for if they succeed or not.

Speaking the customers’ language

One of the most important things you can do in your VSLs (and websites copy) is calling out the ISSUES and STRUGGLES that your customer is currently facing. You have to go inside the mind of your potential clients and really understand what they are struggling with.

If you don’t have existing clients, you can take this #FunnelHacking approach and see how the top marketers have DONE THE RESEARCH FOR YOU.

If you have clients, something you can do is run customers surveys or forms to find the TRIGGERS that people are writing. If you ask your clients  – “WHAT IS STOPPING YOU FROM SUCCESS?” then they are basically telling you what is wrong with them. After you collect this data, all you have to do is just put it in your website and videos THE EXACT THINGS THEY SAY, then position yourself as the answer to those pain points.

Association Bias – KOBE!!!!

Around the 02:38 mark of Coach Rocky’s video he states a quote about Kobe Bryant AND Stephen Curry having a killer mentality on the court.

One of the reasons you want to name drop in your articles/VSLs/Funnels is because it will light up parts of the brain that these users have for these players. Coach Rock is banking on his potential customers LIKING Kobe Bryant or Stephen Curry. When their brain is stimulated by just hearing the name of their favorite athletes, he hopes to excite you and engage you in an actionable state that will get you opting in to his programs.


One simple thing you can do in your videos is adding comparisons of price in what you are offering versus what other people are paying. Coach Rock does this by comparing the price of his in-person training to his digital training. Thus, people who watch the video will compare $1000 to $50 dollars. By leveraging this angle, it will make the program seem like a deal. AND AS BILLY MAYS KEPT PITCHING – People like deals.

SQUARE DEALS – Or your money back

Didn’t know what picture to put here so I put Squares

One of the last angles that Coach Rock hits you with in his video is that he offers a refund and that his offer is fair. If he doesn’t deliver (or if you don’t train hard enough depending on how you look at it) then he will give you money back.

Because the content is already recorded, and he has already put the work into creating those videos and his brands, he has nothing to lose by offering refunds to people. The work is already done and cost him $0 dollars to send people his course (unless you count the software hosting costs)

What is a VSL Conclusion

So I hope that clarifies things of what you can include in your VSL. Try out some of these angles and let me know how your conversion rate numbers have changed!

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