Initial Reaction – Why are women NOT UPSET BY THE AD?

So, I showed the ad to my girlfriend. Off the bat, I’ll start the article off with this picture. – Picture taken from We Believe ad that has everyone typing

Gillete Commercial - Sexist 01

So from me watching the ad a second time with my girlfriend, having discussions on it (she is sleeping now we both sick 🙁 🙁 🙁

To me taking a screenshot and posting it on this article, I believe I have more context. But what I wanted to say, is when I first/second time, I thought the TV ad was depicted an interracial couple, and the WHITE DUDE touches the African American lady’s butt.

I literally just had a 5 min chat with my girlfriend, why aren’t girls mad about this. Aren’t we supporting interracial couples now? Got plenty of white dudes dating girls, not their race. Other white girls dating interracial guys. Shoot, I’m Filippino and my girlfriend is Brazillian. (One could argue, it was good that white dudes started checking out interracial chicks. Don’t touch their buts unwanted but ayyyyyy.)

It’s all context. plus with learning marketing, you guys should know EVERYTHING IS TESTED. Just look at this video testing peoples response. (Do not believe this was the first version of the video made. This video was created specifically to get the HIGHEST RESPONSE out of people – and its working)

A discourse I was having in my head and with my girlfriend, is Gillette could’ve shown any image on that TV. Why not show the S.T.E.M. studious girl in the library getting hit on inappropriately somehow ( yea stfu when im studying too guys/girls im trying to learn) They could’ve pushed that positive imagery showing girls advancing in S.T.E.M. I’m sure sometimes, it would be flattering to get hit on while I was in my grind in the library (but seriously, don’t hit on me in the library. I’m learning)

Instead, they CHOSE to show a racial maid getting hit on by a White Dude. I would’ve perceived more women would find that offensive. Shoot girls could’ve done anything back then. Even if you argue its an “old television” so it’s how it used to be, there were plenty of female scientist at that time, probably getting hit on in the lab. Why didn’t they show that? Why still push stereotypically – “Girl in the kitchen as a maid” trope. Fuck that shit.

At Blendlogic – We believe that people shoudl be informed about BIG CORPORATIONS using this power to just get the bottom line. I quit my job because I got tired of just making money. (Aka the rich get rich) So I put my money where my mouth is and make shit like this to educate you. No one wins if everyone is dumb. I am dumb. I’m trying to learn. Please teach me. Come on my livestreams :p

My mom is a doctor and was studying her ass off during that time period. REPRESENT SHIT RIGHT GILLETTE.

(Is it just me or like am I seeing things)

Marketing and Data – We Believe – The data shows… They don’t give a fuck about you

Here is an UNLISTED VIDEO showing data


Here is an article showing the response

To everyone that is upset, I just present an argument that perhaps you should learn marketing and BIG DATA. There are a ton of Wikipedia articles about it.

Essentially “men” – its over. They don’t want you to use their product. Women have money to buy their own stuff. And Gillette has calculated – YES I MEAN ITS BEEN PROVEN BY DATA SCIENTIST – that the market for women who will now support the Gillette brand is better than you guys.

They don’t give a fuck about you throwing away their blue razors. Because Venus products have pink handles, cost the same amount to manufacture in China and statistically from the Market Data – women pay more for brand quality and ethically sourced things. (You want to know the craziest thing Marketers learned. What color to choose. It’s so simple to change the colors. OMG if we make a certain color – pink – we can make more $$$)

So now that Women make money, eventually Gillette will transition to. – The best a women can get. Because they can and WILL get more money off ladies. Read the article I posted below on the “Pink Tax”. This will happen until more people become aware of consumer behavior and whats happening. Just watch the movie – They Live

It’s where this shit comes from

OBEY!!!! Yea its a fucking movie about ALIENS or is it about Marketers. It all depends on what WE BELIEVE

Yea… Shit, If I was a marketer for that brand I would be making a shit ton of money. Still, do for basketball trainers but yea. It’s just data. It’s fun. It’s awesome. Read books on it. Learn how they are trying to get ya.



How to use this info for your Digital Marketing

So here is some VERY BASIC split testing to present with you a rough idea of how Google Works/SEO how to get traffic.

2 articles that appear when you search Gillette Commercial

Gillette Commercial - We Believe - Example 01

So lets take a look at the 2 from USA Today (And Morning Consult has already been linked above)

This one

Seems pretty passive. Nothing to accusatory. Seems pretty chill. Whoever wrote it nice.


Let’s check the other one

Now… let’s notice the difference in headlines. Notice the article how it is written. Very attacking. Shiiit. This person is mad. (Let’s not assume things about the writer – If you guys know anything about GHOSTWRITERS who knows if the person who wrote this actually is Male/Female)

So let me give you some insight as to how things become top ranking on Google (Besides SEO)


Let’s take a look

These are actual screenshots taken 01-17-2019

Gillette Commercial - We Believe - Screenshot 01

Gillette Commercial - We Believe - Screenshot 02

4 vs 125. I’ll let you take a guess which one had more comments. Just go click the articles above and go see for yourself.

Shit is written in a way to beat the algorithm. Hack the algorithm. USA Today’s gotta make money somehow. Shit I’m a digital marketer, I read the newspaper sometimes, most of my news comes from my Magic 8 ball


You guys really want to be page 1 ranking? You really want to get more Instagram notices and Facebook Shares.

Be polarizing.


Punk ass lazy bum





or am I?


But seriously though, if you don’t chew Big Red – FUCK YOU

(This post may or may not be endorsed by Big Red – Click this link and just buy it)



Use this information for good.

Build Dikaiopolis yourself.

Get Better


Women make money now

Women spend more on hygiene products than men (I don’t shower :p )


Learn marketing – it’s fun. Trust me

WE BELIEVE – I am really tired and its late. I have to hit 100% SEO. Because I am a perfectionalist. Or an idealist… or a hopeless romantic.

Prove to me I’m wrong. Tell me i’m the idiot :p

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