Why your business is STUCK – LACK OF VALUE LADDER

Get better. Get Traffic. Nurture your leads. Convert Prospects

These are the goals that every business owner should have. Yet – as we have consulted and architected results for Many of the top brands in the USA, and having assisted with generating over 6 Figure revenue streams for our clients, we have decided to take a look back on the success and failures our clients to help assist you on your business journey growth.

Starting from the Top and Working Down

This sounds very simple to do; but if it were easy – I would not be in business.

A lot of the content that I have generated has all been in the efforts to help you BUY IN to your own vision and future that you see your business operating on. Lots of people get into business for various reasons. Some are drawn to the money. Some are drawn to freedom. ALOT are drawn by the PURPOSE and PASSION that they need to deliver on to mark their stamp on the world.

Here is the good news; not everyone executes on this stuff. People reading this content/watching our videos will find it DIFFICULT to rise to the challenge to execute on this. These are your business competitors.
If you follow these steps closely; you can rake in on the rewards and bounty that can grow your business and take your life to the next level.

The Basics of a Value Ladder (and funnel)

Money Making Value Ladder
$500K Basketball Value Ladder – Explained in Basketball Shortcuts – Secrets to generating WEALTH

The bottom of your ladder will always include people who are UNAWARE.

This means they have no concept of your business. No idea who you are. No idea the value you provide. But can be attracted by COMMON PSYCHOLOGICAL traits that everybody has. (Acceptance/Rejected/Money/Freedom). Use these to attract your audience at the bottom of your ladder (Free Course)

From there, you will have to leverage BRAND RECOGNITION (Awareness and Recall) for your users to start associating you with success.

Things we typically use on our strategy is Authority Banners and Associations with markets that are synonymous with the industry you are trying to position yourself in.

Once you can align yourself in the customer’s eye as someone who will BRING THEM WHAT THEY WANT (Most of the time its money) then you can successfully move towards a Nurturing Phase of your business, where you simply have to sprinkle little seeds of encouragement to help the customer grow into the brand/business they want to become.

How to Tie in Consumer Behavior

Consumer Behavior and Value Ladder
Understanding how consumer interact with your business will 10X your revenue potential

Where we find most business fail to execute is having information in the DOMAIN that lets users search their web to find the solutions to the problems they seek.
For the most part – people who enter your market are WELL AWARE of the problems that they are facing in their life (Lack of —- XYZ)
It is your job in your talks to verify that you understand their wants and needs then have content in place so they can FIND THE SOLUTIONS themselves.




One more time for good luck – NOBODY WANTS TO BE TOLD WHAT TO DO.

As you position your digital marketing and strategies for your business – you should always be allowing your customers to navigate on your web to find the answers they seek themselves.  (SEO/IG posts/ Long form Videos/ Short form Videos etc)

Tips on your Journey to Success

You can review more information on this on our related blog categories of Funnel Hacking and Digital Marketing

One of the biggest barriers to success is SEEING others do it. Don’t just look at us – find people IN YOUR AREA that are crushing it.
If no one is crushing it; go seek it online.

For ballers – I am rounding them up here in our Facebook Group 

Stay strong on your journey
We are all waiting for you to arrive
Alan Nafarrete


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